Pachter explains how Microsoft can recover with Xbox One

StickSkills: "It’s been a long, long week for Microsoft. From being banned on Xbox Live causing you to lose all your games, to E3 demos running on high end PCs, everyone’s just looking for an excuse to bury the Xbox One six feet under. But Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter doesn’t think that this all spells the end for Microsoft, he thinks they can recover."

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DxTrixterz1953d ago

The only way that Microsoft could recover was if Sony out of nothing went bankrupt. They have damaged their reputation too much with X1. I don't think people will forget everything they're are trying to do against them with X1 that fast.

Kamikaze81953d ago

I don't think it's all doom and gloom for Microsoft. There's still a lot of time until consoles actually hit. In the end, sales are the only thing that matter.

LOGICWINS1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Your using too much brain power. Many can't grasp the simple idea that these consoles are 5 months away and that things can change within those 5 months.

Kamikaze81953d ago

It's more likely that Microsoft simply clarifies all of the benefits that these features bring. That's what will win people over.

abzdine1953d ago

Pachter, Xbox One blocks used games and you should live with it! You need to check every 24hour to make sure everything is running as MS wants it. You cannot play offline and that Kinect is watching and recording people all the time.

Now how in hell can people enjoy such an anti-consumer product?

Greatness awaits

Chucky20031953d ago

Yeah sales matter,but the console will not even launch in most of the EU countries where Sony will be with their PS4

bicfitness1953d ago

Yes, but the crux of his argument is that ISPs and Cable Companies will subsidize the X-One. Thusfar, there has been no indication that partners are on board with this. Not when Rogers, Comcast, whoever all have their own boxes to push first and foremost. That's why we haven't seen any smoke around this issue, which we certainly should have five months before launch. Not to mention that the cost of the subscriptions he mentions are highway robbery, so only the biggest idiot would actually fall for that.

Pachter is grasping at straws to defend his position, which is looking increasingly obtuse as the reality of the X-One sets in. Worst case scenario, MS drops out and goes back to software (and their share price rises for the first time in 10 years), and Samsung and/ or Apple pop in. Best case, they limp along till another gen,. They have the 3rd party support to keep them out of 2nd place, but that's all MS' battle is for at this point.

blackbeld1953d ago

I think when Pachter wake up in the morning and watch himself in mirror he will laughing at himself.

"Hahaha why people still believe the sh1t I telling?"

Gaming1011953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Pachter: I am definitely hopeful that I'm right about this, but I don't actually KNOW anything about whether this is accurate.

Yeah that says it all right there. Pachter does this with everything - pulling shit out of his ass and hoping he is right. The sad thing is, people actually use his advised and spend their money accordingly (business people, not you).

For some reason I remember Pachter saying the PS4 would be $350, and Xbone would be $399.... again, completely rectal pulled facts.

Also, the specs aren't finalized by Msoft, and if they're not you're going to have one incredibly rushed manufacturing cycle.

papashango1953d ago

Ive got no beef with x1.

It's the 24 hour check in and kinect requirement that bothers me. Everything else is fine.

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TheTwelve1953d ago

Sony would indeed have to go bankrupt...there's no way they are going to let this momentum go. But let's pretend:

Only way Microsoft and the X1 can recover:

1. Truly convince the masses that their strict policies are beneficial to all. They need to hire better publicists and tell Mattrick to shush forever.

2.*Something* must be cheaper on the X1 than on PS4. Although this is not Microsoft's strategy, perhaps the price ofnew games can be lowered significantly (imagine if new games on X1 cost $39.99, for example)

3. Actually prove that the cloud can produce better processing power.

....that's all I got. Personally, I believe all of the above scenarios are unlikely. This is Microsoft, after all.



You sir deserves a thumbs up!
Games must be cheaper like they are on PC and actually show some good cloud powered games.
The only game they shown so far using cloud power is Forza 5 with the intelligent AI but nothing to impressive.

3-4-51953d ago

Sony is rumored to be trying to split its divisions of software and hardware.

Would be such a dumb move at this point, and the only thing that could let XB1 back in the game.

XB1 has a great controller and will have good games...

^ It's equal to putting up with 20 ball kickings just to get a kiss from a women.....not worth it.

It's like " of course I want that beautiful women to kiss me....but if she gets to kick me in the balls 20 times first then forget it, it's just not worth it, there are other women out there ( Sony & Nintendo).

Lionheart3771953d ago

He may be wrong pretty often, but I subscribe to the word of Pach. Think he's right here.

LOL_WUT1953d ago

He's mostly right all the time ;)

theDECAY1953d ago

60% of the time, he's right everytime!

rainslacker1953d ago

I think he's right in the sense it's a way that MS can get an install base, and possibly achieve whatever it is they're trying to achieve in the TV/entertainment market. The underlying question is, will the consumer go for a Live fee to access all that content that is behind the MS paywall(netflix for instance).

However, and this is important to remember:

Most cable companies are not too keen on the uptake of these services which infringe on their own service. The fact that Xbox offers it means they may turn their noses up to what MS is offering. On top of that, many IPTV providers(which is what Patcher is referring to) offer their own services in the way of games and additional content(Pay Per View Movies for instance). Again, MS is just taking things out of their pocket...unless MS decides to cut them into their profits.

Overall I find this plan reaching at best. For a while I considered this was exactly the direction MS was going, but given how TV providers are fighting against internet content providers to retain customers, it's hard to see them supporting the Xbox.

From what I can tell MS is trying to carve out it's own market in the internet media market, so they are in direct competition with the cable/TV providers out there. Even in MS reveal conference, they went on about how they are trying to court new media providers, as well as make their own. Again, direct competition to the cable companies.

Donnywho1953d ago

Anyone else want to be paid big money for opinions that ring true 20% of the time?

LOGICWINS1953d ago

His opinions on gaming are only a SMALL portion of his work. He gives investment advice on companies in general(mostly non-gaming related). U think he'd be making six figures if he was only right 20% of the time?

kingPoS1953d ago

Think of it this way... he's an analyst who's main job doesn't involve games.

Donnywho1952d ago

Ok, let me think about all of this. If I don't come to a logical conclusion it shouldn't really be a problem as long as I can make a few useful observations.

cunnilumpkin1953d ago

people forget than no one, NO ONE, except huge gaming nerds (like all of us here on n4g) are even paying attention to ps4/xboxone yet

all my friends are gamers and own either ps3/360 or both

none of them have even mentioned to me anything about ps4/xbox

the few I have asked knew nothing about the systems and when I started telling them they said the won't even pay attention till all the launch titles are announced....meaning, 90% of the perspective install base won't even start caring till September

ms can even make more mistakes in the next few months and it wont matter much

WalterWJR1953d ago

Do your friends live under a rock?

LOGICWINS1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Do you? You think everyone on the planet knows/cares about the PS4/Xbox One? You think the 160 million PS3/360 owners are ready to hop over to next gen consoles this fall?

Damn, talk about living in the bubble. Not every PS3/360 owner is THAT interested in gaming to keep up with the latest trends.

cunnilumpkin1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )


"Do your friends live under a rock?" they do not, they live in nice houses, with wives and kids, im 28, and married as well.....I just happen to be a big nerd that reads gaming forumns, all of my other friends are age 24-34 and could CARE LESS about e3, press conferences, youtube exclusive demos' etc.....

they will pay attention when they see ads on tv, and when they walk into a best buy and can play a ps4

till then, they don't even know the ps4 exists, or do they care

and guess what smart guy?

they and everyone else like them who don't even give a crap about xboxone/ps4 yet, they are 90% of the market for both consoles

you know why at launch consoles only sell a million or so in the first few months???

cause no one else cares yet

that's why the launch games suck, no dev cares yet either

mp12891953d ago

U guys need to stop making up statistics to make u feel better about the xbox one. This is not a statistic but i assure the vast majority of xbox 360 and ps3 owners have at least heard some important facts and thought about their future replacements. Also the console war has started and the ps4 is ahead on pre orders.

Corpser1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

The people that would even buy a console at launch are in a tiny minority of gamers

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TheTwelve1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I used to think that nobody is into all of this debate except nerds like us, but if you look at the pre-orders, obviously the masses are in the know right now.


P.S. The pre-orders indicate that Microsoft is about to lose their dominance in North America and UK. That's more than just internet nerds using their wallet and intelligence.

WalterWJR1953d ago

This is more than a trend. 12 million people have seen this youtube video alone

I think the vast majority of people who are going to buy a new console already know what to expect.

Hell my mum even came up to me and said you can't play used games on the new xbox as she heard it on the radio. My mum does not give two shiz about gaming.

sashimi1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

You can say that but Ps4/Xbox are all over social media that casuals use such as facebook, twitter and whatever else that they use. Not to mention all the countless video streaming sites. OR are you saying that casuals and gamers everywhere don't use these services. Its out there, just cause your group of "friends" haven't noticed doesn't mean the rest of us haven't.

Also stop pulling random number out of the clouds and act like they are a fact.

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