E3 2013: Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster Hands-On [RPG Site]

RPG Site goes hands on with the remastered versions of Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2:

"For Square Enix, the thing that they’ve found truly difficult in the last decade is already done on this title - they’ve got two great games, ready to go.

The visual upgrade only helps, and the addition of extra content is a welcome one. All we had to check at E3 was that it ran smoothly - and it does."

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paris0071951d ago

So many memories from this titles i hope they turn great and we can enjoy and feel all those emotions these games gave us years ago........

lukeb4dunk1951d ago

I agree. I just wish they would give us a release date.

Kingthrash3601951d ago

I must beat again....the hunt for legendary weapons and hidden summons......c'mondodging llighting 100 times.....yes. yes.

C0MPUT3R1951d ago

I love this game can't wait to enjoy it in HD Glory.
You dodge lightning 200 times btw ;)

Kingthrash3601951d ago

I stand corrected.
still..... awsome

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Wni01951d ago

CoMinGG SoooN!!! in 2016!!! the re-re re-release of Final Fantasy X and X-2 now in super hd and all new character skins! OMG SO COOL

GamePeace1951d ago

They might be "good", but I prefer waiting for FF XV.

Kingthrash3601951d ago

ffxv........time paused when I first seen it.....still ffX will hole me over till XV

GamePeace1951d ago

Witcher 3 will hole me over till FF XV.

Xof1951d ago

After FFXIII and, you know, every other Square-Enix game developed solely by Square-Enix, my expectations for "FFXV" are decidedly low.

Seems better to be lookin' forward to games like Ys and Tales Of for a JRPG fix.

GamePeace1951d ago

Not really. But if you prefer so, please.

stragomccloud1951d ago

I really wish they would include original Japanese audio. I just can't stand yuna's voice. And a lot of the actingisn't very good with the exception of wakka, Auron, and occasionally Tidus.

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