State of Decay Update 2 Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for the first State of Decay update. This update fixes many bugs and other issues players have reported.

State of Decay is a really fun new open world zombie survival game on the Xbox arcade for only $20 (1600 Microsoft points) and so far it has sold almost as fast as Minecraft on the 360. The game is a mix between DayZ and GTA with RPG elements..


Sorry this is the second State of Decay patch, not the first.

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Jasimulator1952d ago

Played the demo and I didn't though that it was much of a deal, game is full of bugs and the resolution is too low, it seems it's 480p but up-scaled, so glad I waited for updates, I think I'll check it again after I finish The Last of Us.

Nightcrawler9131952d ago

Awesome don't forget its not a full retail game. Looking forward to the patch.

gamertk4211952d ago

Sorry, meant to hit agree.

noxeven1952d ago

Awesome now hordes wont pisses me off as much, I just hope that since I moved my home before the patch I don't need to move again for the free materials

Grave1952d ago

One of the funnest games I've played in awhile. Once it gets a MP patch then it'll really rock!

Shadonic1952d ago

They make and produce patches of higher quality and at a more faster rate than that of a company of over 100 employees, that's kind of sad.

Skate-AK1952d ago

That's because this is probably the only game they are working on. With 100 employees, the publisher usually wants them to start on a sequel. That's one reason why it takes longer for big companys to patch their games.

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