Spoony takes on Minority Report: Everybody Runs

Spoony: "Time to finish what I started. This game’s got an ass-kicking five years overdue."

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Pumbli1977d ago

Oh man Spoony is awesome.

Of course this game has a terrible sewer level, there's always a terrible sewer level.

yeahokchief1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

precrime eh?

where have i heard about this lately. o right. the nsa and our government data mining our phones, emails and internet usage.

props to you sir for having the perseverance to subject yourself to an original xbox game. must have been painful.

oh god this video gets really good at the 11 minute mark.

e-p-ayeaH1977d ago

Spoony is an idiot that´s all i have to say.