Best Buy sells Xbox One Day One Xbox Live Card with Bonus

Best Buy Co. Inc. this week began pre-order sales for the Xbox One Day One Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Membership.

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zeal0us1978d ago

Xbox Live Gold, I will(not) miss thee next gen. No more paying for access to services I already pay.

Docknoss1978d ago

Haha Skate-ak high five buddy

RiPPn1978d ago

Pretty sure he means the media service that aren't paywalled like netflix, etc.

4Sh0w1978d ago

Oh but he is going to willing pay to play online right? As many sony fans swore they would never ever do? In fact should we look at past comments saying exactly that? So its awfully hard to believe all the over dramatic claims of Kinect, drm(even though you can game share) and so on.= If xbox does it and playstation don't its bad, if playstation adopts it then its OK because of course ps+ is worth the money or other excuses like well micro already does it, what about your principles, what about taking a stand, why not buy a wii-u.

OK, I don't mean to sound harsh I've just had it with all the double standards and hypocritical crap on this site. Just wish I could slap some sense in both sides of fanboys head, more so ps fanboys because there seems to be a lot more here who are extremely hateful, love both platforms but the hate among both communities is just ridiculous. Neither one of them are saving gaming or dooming gaming, I just want to enjoy discussing both without all the fanboyism, sure there will always be a few who cant put their preference aside, we all should be calling them out, I've failed in that regard but if we are truly in it for the good of the gaming community, want to improve our reputation we should be making fanboys on each side feel unwelcomed here, its not that we should all be singing koom-ba-ya and agree all it takes is for us to just have balanced discussions about each topic but instead that seems to be the exception, not the rule on n4g.

kreate1978d ago

It's the fanboys that make this site interesting.

Sometimes I'm here just to read ppl's comments

steven83r1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

He meant not having to pay to watch Netflix when you already pay for Netflix. That is MS way of doing business. PS4 doesn't require you to pay to watch paid services. And @4show
Yes most said they would never pay to play online as i did but in this case we are not just paying to play online we are getting free games and other crap. Unlike Xbox Live. With MS in order to watch Netflix on Xbox 360/One you have to pay for Netflix, Pay for Internet & Pay MS for Xbox Live to Allow you to watch Youtube or any other service online. With Sony you Pay for Internet and Netflix. That is all.

dcbronco1978d ago

Actually Steven he's pointing out that you are being asked to pay again for the MP you already paid for. Sony fans have made it clear that is paying for it twice.

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HammadTheBeast1978d ago

How do you "pre-order"something digital?

Skate-AK1978d ago

You can actually pre-order them on PSN for a reduced cost sometimes. No point though if it is full price though.

MisfitsInc1978d ago

i will not be fooled by M$ again

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Chase511978d ago

That won't change my mind still going to playstation way better console and way better games

CerebralAssassin1978d ago

Ps4 is gonna be badass. But I disagree with the better game comment. I prefer the games on x-bone over ps4.

PositiveEmotions1978d ago

Wow the tittle of this article confused me lol

Skate-AK1978d ago

Haha. "Xbox One Day One."

PositiveEmotions1978d ago

Lol they should of put "xb1" it would be less confusing imo

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