80% Of IGN Viewers Say Sony Won E3

IGN - With almost 300,000 votes, you thought that Sony easily took the E3 crown.

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Mikelarry1977d ago

80 percent of the world thought the ps4 won.

showed alot of great triple a games

showed alot indie games

allows used games

no online checks


i mean whats not to love

Syntax-Error1977d ago

Microsoft employees even know who came out on top of that conference. It was so bad that Sony's president dropped the mic and walked off stage like Eddie Murphy in Coming To America(Sexual Chocolate). I not only prepaid for my PS4 2 days ago, but I also bought a large bowl of popcorn to watch the fireworks at MS offices and see who gets fired for this HUGE debacle! If they undersell with 1 billion on the line....someone's OUTTA THERE

HammadTheBeast1977d ago

Wow. Someone's excited lol.

georgeenoob1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

MS won in terms of exclusives hands down. They announced a dozen exclusives , 8 of which are AAA. Sony only announced 2 AAA exclusives.

nypifisel1977d ago

Sony also said there were over 30 exclusives in development. So yeah

DEEBO1977d ago

sexual chocolate! lol now that's funny

MysticStrummer1977d ago

@george - I guess you should have voted then. MS might have been bumped up to 13%.

Who has the better exclusive games is subjective, by the way.

From my point of view, the two best things MS showed were a multi-plat (MGS5) and a game that will most likely end up coming to PS4 eventually (Titanfall).

Much of what Sony showed at their conference was multi-plat also, but Infamous: Second Son was the best looking true exclusive shown at either press conference. Again, my opinion.

Syntax-Error1977d ago

Titan Fall is definitely one of the games that PS4 seriously wants to see, but being that EA is the publisher, I am sure they are porting it as we speak. They too saw the changing of the guards and said "HEY GET THAT SH!T ON PS4 ALSO! THERE'S MONEY TO BE MADE." It was catastrophic and I don't see a silver lining at the moment. The preorders tell the tale of the tape and Amazon sales as well as Gamestop sales are triple what MS is receiving. This is bad....real bad. Metal Gear looks amazing, but right now I am enjoying THE LAST OF US. Can you imagine what the next Naughty Dog or RockStar game will look like on PS4.....DAAAAAAAAMN. -Sexual Chocolate

TotalHitman1977d ago

That epic bit in Anchorman where Vince Vaughn says, "Today, we spell redemption. R-O-N" (Drops mic).

Did anybody else remember that bit when reading Syntax's post?

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HammadTheBeast1977d ago

It's funny though, PS4 hasn't even shown most of its games yet, out of 20, what have we seen, maybe 6-7?


from the beach1977d ago

Spencer reckons Gamescom will be good for Xbox too..

Sincere01211977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

LMAO!Ps4 was a close 2nd if anything.
Poor 1st party titles
3rd Party Titles Meh
Poor Gameplay (compared to Wii U)
You have to pay to play online
Design is ugly
No innovation
People who play playstation are usually sheep that just follow hype.
Only thing good about Ps4 are the Graphics and I prefer Quality Gameplay over Graphics anyway.
Wii U is definately the better console.

HammadTheBeast1977d ago

Is that why the Wii and PSP are getting more weekly sales than it?

Mikelarry1977d ago

@ sincere if the wiiu is the better console why are there less third party developers developing for the console. the only thing good for the wiiu currently is the first party nothing else. how many more marios, zelda and donkey kong can you play before you get bored. variety my friend variety

MysticStrummer1977d ago

WiiU : The best console no one wants yet... New Nintendo marketing slogan?

Omran1977d ago

You are just trolling
I Like Nintendo strategy with casual games but they don't compete as they said before with Sony and Microsoft

So Stop Trolling

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ApolloTheBoss1977d ago

And who's the other 10%?!!

TheTwelve1977d ago

Best E3 in Sony's history?

ajax171977d ago

I'm a little surprised it's not higher than 80%

ZodTheRipper1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Yeah it's 100% in my circle of friends and it feels like 95% on N4G.

Maldread1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

georgeenoob so what if Sony didn`t annonce that many new games? They still showed of new footage of games like Killzone, Infamous, Driveclub etc pluss new great games like The Order and The Dark Sorcerer. Considering ND and Santa Monica still hasn`t shown us anything yet, i think it`s safe to say Sony will have the best exclusives once again.

Games like Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 along with other 3 party timed exclusives will definitly come to PS4 as well, so Microsoft better bulid up better 1 party studios and fast if they want to keep up with Sony.

3-4-51977d ago

Sony = A

Nintendo = B

Microsoft = C

would be D, but they did show good games.

But then we hear those games may not be running on the same specs we get to use.

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ShugaCane1977d ago

Was there even a fight ?

VonBraunschweigg1977d ago

One guys slips and falls and the other guy kicks him in the face when he's down. Not really a fight no.

Oh wait, he gets up again BAM! Gamescom in Europe, PlayStationland.

One. Last try to get up and BAM! Tokyo Game Show. Xbox isn't even out there this year. No fight at all.

TheLyonKing1977d ago

Yay another poll. I am a Sony fan but am pretty bored of all these polls now.

I really just want the launch date to hurry up now to get my ps4 and see how much damage has been done to ms now.

pompombrum1977d ago

I dunno, the more negative press for the Xbone the better. The start of the next generation of consoles could very well prove to be extremely significant as to the future of the console gaming industry. Anything which leaves Microsoft's executives sweating is a damn good thing.

Prcko1977d ago

The Playstation Nation is in Celebration

LightofDarkness1977d ago

I'm actually shocked that 20% of voters DIDN'T think they won.

zeroskie1977d ago

7% thought nintendo won.

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