My only issue with the PS4

TotallyGN writes: "The E3 conference for Sony really blew my mind, especially as the Microsoft one had let me down so badly. I have always been a Sony guy, having said that I also own an Xbox 360 as I love Halo and the Gears Of War franchises. There were plenty of aspects of the PS4 I liked...

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Snookies123824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

The MS conference wasn't bad at all. It was focused a whole lot on games. It's just that they didn't do anything to clarify the issues people had with their system. Microsoft didn't say a word about the Xbox One or the policies it had with it.

abzdine3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

i pre-ordered my PS4 an hour ago at gamestop !! what a satisfaction! The guy told me lots of people changed their X1 pre-orders into PS4 and while i was talking to him abut x1 another employee came out and first thing he said: "DONT BUY XBOX"! i started to lmao

Greatness awaits

minimur123823d ago

I don't see what peoples problems are with BC, I mean if you have a porblem with it, then it obviously means you already have a PS3 so just keep it.

dont like BC? keep your PS3.
simple as.

sure I'll get dislikes for this, but its my opinion.

minimur123823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Anyway, I think that deserves a bubble up for well said. ;)

Additionally, most TV's have both scart and hdmi so if you've run out of hdmi's there's always a scart to put it into, just tuck the ps3 away a bit so it's still accessable. And there's that disc changer being released soon so there's always that to use, sure you may not want to spend more money on your console at the end of its life but hey, it will be a hell of a lot convenient.
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Godmars2903824d ago

They also didn't prove Kinect 2.0. If anything avoided mentioning it altogether aside from the voice command feature, which was the only thing that seemed to work with 1.0 and is a key feature of the entire XBO system.

And then there was also the failure to show anything in regards to cloud improving XBO performance. As much as they showed off Kinect before the years it was released, they've yet to show how that would actually work.

Grap3824d ago

MS conference was more than great. if only MS didn't F* us with their DRM i would buy X1 day one.

medman3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

I don't think their conference was great at all. I really didn't see many games that interest me, but then again I'm not a Halo or Cod multiplayer type of gamer. I prefer the Mass Effect's, Uncharted's, or God of War's of this world. Having said that, games like The Division, Destiny, and Watch_Dogs interest me much more than a game like Titanfall because they are open world and have a story and a narrative I can get into. Titanfall, the game everyone seems to talk about from the Xbox One conference seems like Cod with mechs. I don't find that interesting.

MikeMyers3824d ago

@Snookies, this is about the PS4 not the Xbox One.

I imagine once Gaikai comes out in 2014 it will help solve some of the backwards compatibility issues. This is another reason I will be holding off on getting a PS4 until next year. Games like Infamous and Gaikai will then be available.

Snookies123823d ago

In the article, it mentions that Microsoft had "let him down badly" at their conference... I was stating that there would have been no reason to be let down badly by it. Their conference was really solid actually. Except for, as I mentioned above... Their lack of clarifying anything about the system itself or the policies they were putting in place for it.

FamilyGuy3821d ago

It was nothing but a game preview show. They said all they were going to do was show games and they meant it literally. I felt like I was watching endless movie trailers at the theater with no actual movie at the end.

Don't get me wrong, I thought some game looked cool but I could have accomplished just as much by only watching the youtube trailers of them after they were uploaded right after the show.

The only thing I would've missed were the funny technical difficulties and how they kept having to rally the crowd into starting a round of applause.

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Mikelarry3824d ago

they did say gaikai will be able to provide this functionality. i too have built up a massive library of ps3 games and hd remakes, i own a 360, ps3 and future owner of a ps4. that would mean i will have to have 3 games console under my tv unit.

Software_Lover3824d ago

It's just the way of the world man. If you want to play them all then you will have to keep them under there. If not then you will probably have to pay for Gaiki when it comes out. Me, I'm just gonna keep my ps3/360.

BC is good, but we expect too much. The only way to continue it now is for them to keep the architecture that they have or go cloud based.

zeroskie3824d ago

Thank goodness the PS4 is flat, because i'm putting my PS3 right on top of it.

McScroggz3823d ago

I hope you're joking because that would be a terrible thing to do.

medman3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Don't worry Mikelarry, I'm sure your 360 will give up the ghost and overheat by the time the new consoles launch so you don't have to worry about that. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the sneaky, lying bastards at Microsoft built in an automatic compromise of the 360 hardware set to strike right before the Xbox One's release. The sad part for those sad sacks is they could not have anticipated that instead of picking up an Xbox One when the 360 fails, 360 owners will be eyeing a PS4 instead. Oh, the irony.

Typical-Guy3824d ago

It has Gaikai which can stream previous gen games... I don't know what the fuss is about regarding this backwards compatibility, keep your PS3.

Mikelarry3824d ago

but think about it it might not happen this way but what if next next gen also is not backward compatible and would mean 5 consoles under your tv unit. its crazy

Typical-Guy3824d ago

Let's worry about tomorrow, tomorrow... I agree with you though.

Plus since consoles are becoming PC-like in architecture, backwards compatibility might be happening in future consoles.

nypifisel3824d ago

I don't think people play that many older games to justify it being under the TV all the time. If that is a problem then just bring it out and plug it in when you want to play that particular old console... Well except if that old console is the X1 cause then you wont be able to play it anyway :>

DarKnightDave3823d ago

I hear ya man. There's a few ps3 games I'm wanting to get like Deadpool, Splinter Cell Blacklist, etc. But I'm gonna hold off on those and save my game money for PS4. Besides I figure those games will be marked down soon.

SpinalRemains3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Conventional BC to me, is highly overrated, as I buy a new system to play new games. I neither hoard games nor replay old ones after I've completed them.

What I do have a beef with is the old school retro games I paid for on PSN that won't carry over. Old arcade classics like the Capcom cabinet etc... I don't think the ps4 will be able to play those titles at launch that are on our own accounts.

Is that right? PsN digital games on ps3 will not carry over to ps4?

sashimi3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

They're most likely creating a emulator to work with PS3 PSN games as well as PS2/PS1 classics. You still have remember that despite them being digital, they are still coded for running on the PS3 or running on emulators specifically made for the PS3. In time or whenever its complete i think it will support them. Maybe not day one but i think it'll definitely be completed in the first year.