PS4 versus PC - Killzone Shadow Fall vs Crysis 3 graphics

A video which takes a look at the PC version of Crysis 3 versus new footage of Killzone Shadow Fall.

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Walker1952d ago

Shadow Fall is a launch title but looks better IMO !

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Well One is made to be next gen and one is made to push the bar but made with ps3 & 360 in mind.

Now compare to bf4 pc.

I would say killzone is about on par but that crysis 3 grass is unbeatable.

ZodTheRipper1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

One runs on a 400$ console and one runs on a 800$+ PC. But comparing visuals with Youtube videos isn't really meaningful anyway so this article is pretty pointless imo.

papashango1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Crysis 2&3 sucked Killzone 2&3 sucked yet here we are discussing both because of graphics.

I thought you console folk were all about Gameplay>graphics anyway?

What gives?

IcyEyes1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Video comparison are stupid and pointless and it's sad how many people just get this bait and start to write such awesome, pointless opinion.

In real life EVERYTHING is a lot more different.

Please, do a favor to yourself and next time, avoid this video.

Ps I saw and play both game (of course all of us can play Crysis 3) and I have an exact and unbiased idea how good are both the game, but I will not share my opinion here because people love only to bash each other ... But if someone want an opinion, just ask :)

Virtual_Reality1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )


Killzone 2 was pretty amazing. And the AI of KZ2 is better than the enemy AI of Crysis 2.

starchild1951d ago

Video comparisons aren't real useful, but from what we can see Crysis 3 still looks more advanced. More geometry, foliage, textures seem a bit better (a few of the tree and rock textures in Killzone Shadow Fall looked a little lower res in a couple spots), and character models in Crysis 3 look better.

oasdada1951d ago


yeahh kz2 AI.. the one that once triggered will chase u until its dead or kills u.. u guys have no idea what gfx or AI or physics are still u want to argue over it... im not saying crysis2's or even bf's AI was good for that matter... im just saying that most of the thing u hear are lies made up by fanboys or people who dont know shit about the topic... i have both 360/ps3 and i spend most my time on them.. but to be really really honest.. i have a pc that was under 400$'s and thats 5 years ago.. that pc shows better gfx in crysis than i have seen in killzone:SF... the leaves aare fully rendered and have the surface scattering effect.. full hdr bloom... god rays.. and the water and ocean is something i have yet to see even in nexgen games... not to mention vegetation physics and face rendering... so please stop discussing over stuff u have no idea of untill u see it with ur own eyes... and just for ur info i have a core2duo and a 9600gt.. i have custom tailored my gfx thru the config files... and running crysis on dx9...

Ragthorn1950d ago

Don't forget the Top Secret Tessellated Toad Tech!

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hennessey861952d ago

come to that conclusion from a compressed youtube video..........

Software_Lover1952d ago

I'll give you one chance to answer that question..

TRU3_GAM3R1952d ago

no way shadow fall looks better than crysis 3 pc on max!

Conzul1951d ago

I'm starting to be unable to tell the difference.

I_am_Batman1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

There is one thing that everyone seems to ignore. PC is not a closed system hardware wise. KZ:SF will look the same on all PS4s while Crysis 3 looks different on different PC builds. And to max everything out on Crysis 3 you need a beast PC that is much more expensive than the PS4. The majority of PC gamers can't max Crysis 3 with an acceptable framerate.

starchild1951d ago

I have an HD 7950 and I can play it very well by lowering just a few settings. It still looks pretty much like this.

I do admit that some of the better games on consoles are starting to look like high end PC games like Crysis 3, The Witcher 2, etc.

1952d ago
specialguest1952d ago

Seems like the video shows off the action packed part of KZ:SF showing cool effects and explosions, yet on Crysis3 it shows the player doing NOTHING in the same forest.

Ragthorn1951d ago

I still don't think Shadow Fall looks better than Crysis 3 though, but don't get me wrong, it looks amazing for a launch title on PS4, can't wait to see what lies ahead for PS4.

Timesplitter141951d ago

to be honest I think Crysis 3 looks better but that's simply because Crytek is better at doing forests. It's not a good comparison.

To really compare, we'll have to compare the same game between PS4 and PC

jade07321951d ago

Omg... How do these article get approved?

This is just Pointless!!

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Software_Lover1952d ago

The game isn't out yet. Nor the console for that matter.

ZodTheRipper1952d ago

Plus Guerilla started developing Killzone:SF with the PS4 having only 4GB VRAM in mind. It's hard to say how much more they used in the new E3 trailer but I'm sure there is still a lot of potential in the PS4.

thezeldadoth1952d ago

you people on here need to realize that doubling the ram isn't gonna double the graphics. It has more to do with the gpu/cpu. Most of the amazing looking PC games on PC take up only a couple gigs of ram.

ZodTheRipper1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

^Nobody said that doubling the VRAM means double the graphics, that would be pretty delusional.

thezeldadoth1952d ago

^ I've seen the statement numerous times on here

ZodTheRipper1951d ago

I meant that nobody said it on this news and your comment wasn't really a reply to mine.
I just said that the PS4 has some potential left since all devs developed their games with 4GB VRAM in mind until February.

ginsunuva1951d ago

RAM just determined how many processes and objects they can place.

jetlian1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

actually your wrong ram can improve graphics. textures are nothing more than images wrapped onto a 3d object.

more ram better textures.More ram also allows for better performance. its the reason 360 had an edge over ps3.

now there are limits. lighting and polygon counts are based on cpu/gpu.In such a case ps4 wont beat pc.

Linsolv1951d ago

RAM isn't going to suddenly double the framerate, but actually, if you have double the RAM, you can hold double the textures in memory. Probably more than double, since not everything scales equally, and you can always use better textures (whereas, say, pathing information isn't going to scale much).

Lisica1951d ago

So why do you mention VRAM?

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Intentions1952d ago

Can't really compare different art styles to one or the other.

But whatevs.

gamewizard991952d ago

They both look great and Killzone:Shadow Fall is only going to look better in the next few months. If a launch title can look this impressive I can't wait for a few years time for a game like Uncharted 4.

HammadTheBeast1952d ago

It does of course, but its amazing that Killzone can put up a fight.

medman1952d ago

Why do you care? More to the point, if someone is going to make a comparison, they should compare the PS4 PC versions of battlefield 4. Comparing different titles shows/proves absolutely nothing.

torchic1952d ago

it gives us an idea of the power of PS4 compared to an expensive, powerful PC. for a launch game it holds up really well, in places KZSF looks about the same maybe better

this doesn't tell much though because they have different art styles.

the real test will come with PS4 vs. PC Battlefield 4 comparisons

MikeMyers1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

It's hard to say. What they need to do is have in-game shots where the hud is displayed so that we know the player is in full control. Too many tricks are out there. A game like Uncharted for example looks even better during a sequence when the player has no control. Once it goes back with the hud on display the graphics get toned down. We also have to compare the games while in the same settings. Have both at 30fps and in 1080p if that is what Killzone is. If Crysis looks slightly worse but running at twice the frame rate then is that a fair comparison? Killzone on the PS3 didn't even allow climbing because of system constraints. So all of these things need to be taken into consideration before people blurt out this looks better.

At the 2:30 mark he mentions how climbing wasn't possible before on the PS3 and Killzone.