Good Guy Problems In Bastion

Video-games, for better or worse, often center on power fantasies. The player becomes the focal point of almost every moment of the experience, and the world seems to spring into action around the player’s character. Supergiant Games’ Bastion, released in 2011, offers a unique take on this trope by embracing it wholeheartedly in both presentation and gameplay.

The results are more complicated than expected. Being the center of attention isn’t always the most glorious set of circumstances.

In Bastion, the ground rises to meet your character’s feet as you travel through the game’s richly detailed, painterly environments.

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Bimkoblerutso1952d ago

It's funny, just yesterday I thought about designing a game in which you play a relatively unknown character next to a "hero" figure that everyone in the game world idolizes....then I remembered...I got no idea how to design a video game.

Nice article. I like seeing stuff that isn't the same old console-war schtick.

1952d ago