Crash reveals PS4 HDD details and streaming?

Within the first 10 minutes of the doors being opened at E3, a game had already crashed. That game was none other than the PS4 exclusive Knack. While being played at the Sony booth, the game crashed mid-game to reveal an interesting screen.

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Sharius1950d ago ShowReplies(4)
Software_Lover1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

So was the game streaming to that console from somewhere else, like a pc?

Either way, Knack looks like the cleanest PS4 game thus far. Too bad it's only 30fps.

killcycle1949d ago

This got a lot at Disagrees some i'm just wondering is it really just 30FPS?

mp12891949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

He got alot of disagrees because he said a kids game is the "cleanest" ps4 game which tells us he hasnt even heard of games like kz shadowfall and because even if it is 30 fps its not the end of the world

3-4-51949d ago

@ MP....your logic is the worst.

* So if a dev uses more than 10-15 colors in a game it's considered a kids game ?

How does that prove what he has or hasn't heard of?

That isn't what proof is, there are other variables you haven't either listed or thought of which makes your opinion...just an opinion.

Can you even comprehend what I just explained to you?

sobekflakmonkey1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

no man, what he means by cleanest looking game is that it looks "clean" as in, the resolution(also IQ, texturing and AA, the game looks practically like a CG film, I get what he was saying, it's really sad that everyone gets so defensive and doesn't stop to actually think about what someone else is saying.

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HammadTheBeast1949d ago

The article is assuming it is streamed cause it says "HOST" and has a wireless icon.

Qrphe1949d ago

It wasn't being streamed

despair1949d ago

haven't heard that knack is 30fps, where are you getting that?

Shadowstar1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

In development, you have the data on a PC and the console reads from there. It's way faster than transferring all X gb of data to the console before you start debugging. Even if they were doing that at E3 (which I'm fairly certain they weren't), the game would still be running on the console, not streaming from somewhere else.

(PS, I think disagree is just a fast way to say no sometimes.)

Nafon1949d ago

No, you got a lot of disagrees because you said something critical (30fps) and didn't back it up. you got those disagrees because you are wrong.

3-4-51949d ago

30 FPS on a platformer type game is ok though..60 would be awesome.

AliTheSnake11949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

My concern now is why did the game Crash.
Assassin's creed 4 locked up .
Hopefully it is not the ps4 hardware.

solidsheep1949d ago

...Could it be the console has not been released yet or could it be the game has been released yet

NameRemoved00171949d ago

Atleast Sony was actually using their consoles Microsoft was using Pcs to show off their games lol.

NarooN1949d ago

Well every game at the Sony booth was running in real-time, and since Knack was the only game to crash, I guess logically one could deduce it was the game's fault, not the hardware. It's obviously not the final version of the game's code, so it was just an unfortunate coincidence.

oof461949d ago

Don't really know why you got so many disagrees.

rainslacker1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

The "Host" referred to in this image is common on dev kits. It is used to connect the dev kit to the PC for running the game while it's still on the PC. Most major game engines support this in one form or another. It's for testing code revisions quickly, without having to upload the entire code/resource file onto the machine(which tends to be a lengthy process). That "icon" remains regardless of how you're playing the game on the dev kits I've seen, although some call it something different. The game was probably loaded onto the dev kit however. That would make more sense for an E3 booth, since it's redundant to have a 2nd PC to do such a thing.

I'm more curious if this was an actual production dev kit though. It was my understanding Sony and MS hadn't produced these yet. Could have been the dev kit software running on a PC however, a more likely scenario.

@Ali above

Hard to say. It depends on how completed the games are. I'd imagine they'd be going gold within the next few months, which means they'd be at the point where they're fixing issues like this, with polish coming in the last month before going gold.

At this point in time, it could be OS/hardware bugs that haven't been resolved yet, or software bugs within the game itself. Speculating is kind of pointless, because all it would be is speculation. This is true either way a person wants to see it for whatever reason they have for seeing it that way..

1949d ago
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Mikelarry1950d ago

atleast it didnt crash to a windows 7 screen

Blackdeath_6631949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

an actual ps4 dev kit. atleast now we can rest assured what was seen at e3 was an actual representation of the ps4 hardware

DarkHeroZX1950d ago

All this proves is that cloud gaming is not the future. The game was being streamed. It wasn't even installed on the HDD. So yeah MS is full of it.

MysticStrummer1949d ago

MS fans will claim One is built for cloud gaming so it will be better at it. That's BS of course. There's nothing special about it that allows cloud computing.

NameRemoved00171949d ago

If Microsoft cared about cloud gaming then they would of atleast put a good wireless chip in it that was 802.11ac not 802.11n which is the current standard.

tarbis1950d ago

At least the actual game is being run on PS4 hardware and not from some pc or laptop with "comparative specs" that substitutes as xbone. LOL!

SixAmpFuze1949d ago

crytek said ryse was running on their xbx1 dev kit

Reverent1949d ago

And Crytek are full of themselves ALL the time.

supersonicjerry1949d ago

why would they be the only ones to be using a dev kit? that's just dumb.

Dead_Cell1949d ago

...Because the Dev Kit version is good enough? Just because everyone else is lying it doesn't make you dumb to not do the same. They showed confidence in their game and rightfully so, Ryse looks pretty damn awesome.

Nafon1949d ago

The PC's running the xb1 games weren't even close to the "comparative specs" lol. Some were running Nvidia GTX 780's. (which are a lot more powerful than console hardware, costing 1.5x more than the PS4)

rainslacker1949d ago

It could just be the dev kit software running on PC. From what I understand neither console maker has shipped their official final dev kits out. I may be wrong on this though. Similarly spec'd PC's is pretty common before a new console release, and this is usually what they do, run dev kit software on a similarly spec'd PC.