Planetary Annihilation Reverses Minecraft Model, and Charges More for Unfinished Product

Everyone’s favourite indie goliath Minecraft that helped pave the way for this new payment model. With alpha access priced at a mere €9.95, gamers could get in on the new internet sensation for a pittance, whilst supporting its continual development and receiving any and all future updates for free.

As the kinks got ironed out and new features were added, the price of admission rose to €14.95 once Minecraft entered beta, still a discount on the final release price of €19.95. It was an elegantly simplistic pricing model that rewarded and incentivised early adoption, and has been used in all manner of variations since.

Now Planetary Annihilation has reached alpha stage, however, and yesterday landed on Steam’s new Early Access scheme. So how much will an early venture into the RTS now set you back if you missed the earlier Kickstarter? $20? $30? $40? Nope. Prepare to lock away your wallets, because the price of admission currently stands at an eye-watering $90, or £67.99.

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Bimkoblerutso1954d ago

Yeah...I can't see them making too much money with a price point like that. They're asking consumers to pay $30 MORE than standard retail for an unproven franchise from an unproven development team.

No thanks.

aliengmr1954d ago

I was pretty shocked by that price when I saw it.

I also happen to like Steam's early access. I don't mind paying for an unfinished product. Kerbal Space Program has been wonderful, bugs and all.

For this game, I can't personally justify the price, but then all I have to do is wait until retail release.

I guess what I'm saying is, I get really get upset about it. 90$ retail and no single-player would bother me, but by all accounts that's not the plan, so whatever.