Amazon Upgrading Standard Edition PS4 Pre-orders to Launch Day Edition

Amazon has started upgrading Standard Edition PS4 pre-orders since they have received additional stock.

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Arai1952d ago

All the stars are aligned for PlayStation it seems...
A lot of people are going to be happy this holiday.

Moonman1952d ago

Exactly. Greatness awaits!

inveni01952d ago

Yes, I was notified of my upgrade this morning. A very pleasant surprise.

Kevin ButIer1952d ago

lol i t would be hilarious when the One go third

wastedcells1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

This launch will have real shortages. Because its actually a great product. We still have time for more announcements before launch too. I'm sure we will be the lucky ones that jumped in early. The mid night launches will be a disaster. I'd love to get one at mid night but glad I avoided that scene. People will be pissed when they line up and don't get one. This could actually help Microsoft sell systems if Sony cant meet demand.... Imagine you were a kid and you asked for a ps4 and Xmas day you rip open your present and its an X1 lmao. Oh the disappointment.

Astargatis1952d ago

XboX one will also upgrade to PS4 Launch Day Edition

Crazyglues1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

@ Astargatis


Bubbles for you, that was hilarious, ...LoL

||.........___||............ ||

vlonjati77vlonjati1952d ago

hahah funny.
off topic:LAST OF US is amazing ,im 2 hours since I fired up the Blu Ray and man ,great back to playing it :)

inveni01952d ago

I fired it up last night "just to see what it's like", and that first scene was awesome. Then I turned it off, because my 8-year old wants to watch me play.

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Walker1952d ago

Holy shit, Amazon upgraded my order to launch edition <3

sourav931952d ago

Come on walker! You should have pre ordered the original launch edition in the first place :P Lol anyways, good thing you're getting it at launch now.

Serg1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Amazon DE top 5:

1. PS4
2. The Last of Us
3. Animal Crossing 3DS
4. XBox One
5. Dual Shock 4

Never thought a company would screw up that bad that people are more excited about Animal Crossing for a handheld than a new console launch.

ElementX1952d ago

Any real gamer would've gotten a launch day edition as soon as it was available.

ElementX1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Put it on a credit card they don't charge you until it ships. Save up your money until release date and tada!

Game4life1952d ago

i tried doing that but it wouldnt let me because I barely had money in my account at the time. But I got one reserved at gamestop

rainslacker1952d ago

If you're really concerned about having the money in your account on shipping day, you could buy an amazon gift card for the amount and use that to pay at time of checkout. Then everything will be set.

Smashbro291952d ago

Any "real gamer" (what a stupid term) would be smart enough not to move to the new box until there's a game or two worth playing on it.

ElementX1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I think real gamers aren't fanboys, they appreciate the strengths of each system and game on multiple platforms. I preordered PS4 and Xbox One. I play mostly PC games now though but I have PS3. I also have Vita and 3DS

*EDIT* I was just explaining the term as I saw it. I did buy launch PS3 and 360 and original Xbox. I didn't have issues with my 360 however I did get the new model when it came out. I dunno it's kind of fun to be one of the first

Smashbro291952d ago

Replying to your reply.

You completely missed my point. I'm not saying get one or the other (though on principle alone the Xbox One is screwing people) I'm saying this mad rush to get the new systems is ridiculous because there's virtually nothing to play yet unless you're a super fan of Killzone or Killer Instinct.

HurstDarkStar1952d ago

That is true about what is said about those "two" but Since my ps+ can be transferred over Ill have plenty to play if my catalog is anything to go by
I'll be ok for the most part.

medman1952d ago

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to playing Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, Infamous Second Son (January release), and Drive Club as soon as I get my PS4. I don't know how you consider that nothing to play, especially since I will pick up a few indie titles on top of these. How many games can you play at once? All you really need is one, actually.

medman1952d ago

I waited for the bundle...just picked up the killzone ps4 psplus bundle for 499 as my plus subscription will lapse in December. Perfect timing. Coincidentally, my xbox live gold subscription will also lapse in december, but I have no intention of renewing that service nor purchasing an Xbox One.

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