Epic Anticipated Games E3 2013

Emperor Blue Monkey @EpicDome: "It’s about the GAMES. So, we’re not sitting here and whine about what is the most awful console and what to buy or not to buy (that is the question)... "

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Software_Lover2002d ago

The Division
Project Spark (surprisingly)
Titan Fall
Destiny (on the fence)
Plants vs Zombies 2
PvZ garden Warfare
The new Kinect Sports game

The only ones that made an impression on me

telekineticmantis2002d ago

Planetside 2
Final Fantasy 15
Destiny(also on that fence)
Killer Instinct
Infamous SS
Super Smash Bros
Mario Kart 8
Deep Down
Media Molecule Project
Battlefield 4
The Division
Dying Light
THe Crew
The Order
Sunset Overdrive

Software_Lover2002d ago

I like the look of Knack. No blurriness whatsoever. Clean AA, no over saturated colors. Maybe that is fooling me.