4 New PS4 Bundles Get Listed via Amazon

TQ author writes: Amazon has just updated their PlayStation 4 pre-order page with 4 new bundles. The bundles include some of the hottest games announced for the PS4.

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DivineAssault 1979d ago

Nice KZ combo.. Can i add that to my launch ed pre order & still get the 10% off?

Chupa-Chupa1979d ago are you getting 10% off?

a08andan1979d ago

I´d probably guess it has something to do with Amazon Prime, but I'm not sure :P

killbillvolume121979d ago

It also could have something to do with


DivineAssault 1979d ago

no no.. i mean 10% off killzone & a yr of ps plus added to my PS4 order.. The bundle saves you like $10 or so

crxss1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

just pre-ordered! i was waiting to see if Sony would announce another SKU with a larger hdd or a different look like the PS3 launch or something but that Watchdogs combo was too irresistible.

NewMonday1978d ago

great value here

PS4+BF4/KZ+ 1 year of PS+ = $499 same price as the basic you know what

zeee1978d ago

^ This! Exactly what I thought when I saw the bundles.

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abzdine1978d ago

nice bundles for sure! my PS+ will expire around October november so that's a good time to get it

NewEra71979d ago

Nice, soon as I get paid I might cop the Battlefield 4 bundle!

titletownrelo1978d ago

when is the PS4 going to be released?

MintBerryCrunch1978d ago

holiday 2013, haven't given a concrete date nor month, my bet would be late NOV '13

titletownrelo1978d ago


That sounds more realistic. I saw a date on Amazon that said December 31, was like "wtf?!"

Narutone661978d ago

Rumor is that the release date is 3 days before Black Friday sale, November 26, 2013, an online wholesaler which supplies Amazon and other retailers accidentally release the date online.

merciless1979d ago

I have a feeling that these bundles will push xbox one out of the top 10 bestsellers completely.

kneon1978d ago

It may have the opposite effect since now ps4 orders will be split across even more skus

waltercross1978d ago

Hasn't so far

1. PS4 Standard Edition
2. Xbox One Day 1 Edition
3. PS4 Launch day Edition
4. The Last of us
5. PS4 Watch dogs bundle
6. PS4 Battlefield 4 bundle
7. $20 Sony playstation network card
8. PS4 Killzone bundle
9. Dualshock 4 controller

Nyromith1979d ago

This little PS+ card is screwing this bundle for international orders.

WeAreLegion1978d ago

Sell the code online to someone. ^_^

thehitman1979d ago

Just snagged my launch bundle not passing this up after I missed the other launch edition. Im too scared now with all the news of the pre-orders going like hot cakes I am not waiting till January like I did with my ps3 to get one due to shortages.

Campy da Camper1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Good call! Shortages are inevitable for ps4. People I know who are not die hards like me have been asking me, "hey so this ps4 looks cool should I get one this year?" And I'm like ERM, if you don't have it preordered you won't be getting one this year Lol. They then promptly run off to find one.

Moral of the story, even casuals are sensing the winds of change and starting to jump on the bandwagon. If you don't have it reserved you are screwed this holiday.

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The story is too old to be commented.