Xbox One Drops Behind PS4 For "Most Anticipated List" (Gamestop/EB Games Canada)

On the day of 14th June 2013, the PlayStation 4 is dominant within the Most Anticipated lists for both GameStop ( US stores) and EB Games Canada while Xbox One remains to be seen within GameStop's.

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solidmic1950d ago

Nor should it!!! This POS is an abomination against your rights as a gamer, consumer and human being!!!

chrispseuphoria1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Completely agree. I am glad to report this news. If the Xbox One wasn't anti-consumer, I would have supported it as it could have brought competition between the big three which helps create better games in the process. However, in this circumstance, I hope Microsoft suffer sales wise this gen from their actions.

Chupa-Chupa1950d ago

From a business standpoint, Microsoft is aiming to attract a completely different demographic. The issue is that the demographic aimed for could be a hit or miss. I wish them luck.

WooHooAlex1950d ago

Pretty much this. At $500, I personally don't think the audience they're targeting will be interested at that price, and the gamers, who generally are the early adopters of consoles are most likely going PS4.

Who knows tho, with good marketing I'm sure they'll trick enough stupid families into getting one.

DivineAssault 1950d ago

Casuals bought the wii because it was the cheapest console with a fun game everyone had to have.. Rich-poor families were able to buy one for $250.. Xbox one is double that plus u NEED internet & whatever else.. That just isnt going to work no matter how they market it..

HyperBear1950d ago

Just pre-ordered my PS4 today at my local EB Games in Canada....So good to have that pre-order receipt. Makes me feel like a kid again :D

Greatness Awaits/4>1

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The story is too old to be commented.