Need For Speed Rivals E3 2013 Preview Interview With Ghost Studios - Gamerhubtv

At E3 2013 Ghost Studios producer Leanne Loombe discusses Need for Speed Rivals in this exclusive interview at the EA booth.

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DDDGirlGamer851956d ago

Welcome to Mario kart! Woo hooo

creHEARTive1956d ago

love to see women in gaming! On a side note, when Forza 5 is shown, every other racing game looks like Hot Wheels. I am a little tired of this franchise.

Akuma2K1956d ago

I'm looking forward to NFS Rivals, being able to go from single player to multiplayer without even having to switch game modes is amazing and it brings something new and refreshing to the series.

Can't wait to play this game and Drive Club too.

gamerlive1956d ago

Next gen always means quality driving games

NewJersian1956d ago

Have to agree. Next gen means one of two things: you're either making a sports game to start or a driving game.