Killer Instinct Xbox One E3 2013 Interview With Double Helix - Gamerhubtv

At E3 2013, Double Helix developers Michael Willette and David Verfaillie discussed the new free to play reboot of Killer Instinct in this exclusive interview.

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Neoninja1955d ago

So pumped for this game! They did a great job with the particle effect! Love the fact the stage gets destroyed as the fight goes on to.

from the beach1954d ago

Can't stop watching footage of it!

DDDGirlGamer851955d ago

No Xbox you lost KI won't save you

jc485731954d ago

Screw Double Helix. These are the same guys that ruined Silent Hill and Front Mission.

CC-Tron1954d ago

Nope. The crew working on this game are Fighting Game fanatics.

jc485731954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

really, last time I heard Double Helix said the same thing about the crew that worked on Silent Hill that they were huge fans of the genre and series. I also remember those faces on that picture. They've been with Double Helix for quite some time. A fighting game fanatics means nothing to me. Capcom's Ono was a freaking architect prior to becoming a game producer.

CaptainN1954d ago

Sorry being a long time Killer Instinct fan this game doesn't look to looks like a Street Fighter game now....and KI was supposed to be an alternative to those types of games. And its a shame Rare can't even make their own games anymore !

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The story is too old to be commented.