News: Sony clarifies their misleading "Fact Sheet".

Following the tremendous heat that Sony's next-generation comparison fact sheet generated, the company has decided to issue a statement. Dave Karraker, Senior Director of Corporate Communications of SCEA informed TeamXbox:

"Through our comparison chart we are not implying that you must purchase the myriad of peripherals and add-ons that Microsoft offers to play your Xbox 360. You don't. However, if you want to attempt to come close to the performance of the $499 PlayStation 3 by using your Xbox 360, Core or Premium, you could only do that through expensive add-ons -- that is what our chart is demonstrating. Once you add it all up, it would cost you more than our $499 unit, and you would still not come close to everything we offer, ie: free multiplayer gaming, 50GB storage capacity of Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray disc player for games AND movies, processing power of the Cell Broadband Engine."

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THWIP6254d ago

...but that's not what you put into print, and handed out to retailers to pass on to consumers, now is it? Be careful backpeddling fellas...ya might trip and bust your asses. ;)

kingofps36254d ago

Definitely agree with Dave Karraker.

TheMART6253d ago

Ofcourse you would with a name like that

We wouldn't expect anything else of you. I bet you would lick Barbie Ken's @rs if he was just right in front of you...

Sony stands just for lying, overpromissing & underdelivering. And they proof it over and over again!

kingofps36254d ago

So Mirosoft, stop crying now because you made a brick or an over-heating system or whatever.

TheMART6253d ago

It would be nice if they had put the 'official specs' of the RSX in there!

Then they would have lost any comparison and no other spiced up story would have made that better for them.

You'll see when the PS3 releases, the best games will be on 360. PS3 is for scientific calculation and firing rockets from North Korea on a cheap way, but not optimal for playing games

Antan6253d ago (Edited 6253d ago )

This is in relation to comment 11.

"Why are people into buying a console where they don't know the GPU hardware specs from? The heart of games?"

Correct me if im wrong here, just hear me out now.............is it ........by chance........that they want it to play games on? The mass market audience in the world couldn`t care less what was in each machine or not. Its strange that on another post you said you were not a gfx whore? well i think anyone reading this will agree you are indeed a gfx whore! Which is naturally why you keep mentioning all these supposedly great 360 games that you have only seen screentshots for or the the odd movie, games that are not due out till 2007/08 games that no-one has seen any gameplay what so ever! Gears Of War aside of course as we have seen countless gameplay movies that absolutley rock !!! So do us all a favour, talk about you THINK these up and coming games will be great, not just because "they look great in the screenshots or movies", i have no doubt the majority of games you (constantly) mention will be great, but until actual ingame/gameplay footage, best to lower your voice for a bit. Incase you get shot down by any sony fanboys whn these titles appear.

Yo Wassap6253d ago

well you did make a panini press

zypher6254d ago (Edited 6254d ago )

it's pretty stupid that they would have to clarify something so obvious in the first place. and guess what, i bet this STILL won't be enough to placate the myriad of anti-Sony fanboys.

kmis876254d ago

If anything this will make them angrier than before for God know what reason. It was a dumb enough reason to be mad in the first place.


justifying lies with more lies.

sony are just mind boggling sometimes....

zypher6254d ago

what did they lie about this time?


they lied about what was necessary for a next gen experiance, as well as pricing.

its called propaganda.

zypher6252d ago

no. you said they justified lies with more lies. if they lied the first time, then i'm asking what are they lying about this time?