Toronto Thumbs Review: The Last of Us

From the Review:

"I remember when I bought my Playstation 3. I purchased it so that I could review PS3 games for the site; I also really wanted to play Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. When I opened the console packaging, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune slid out and plunked gently onto the table. In a total newb move, I placed it aside, figuring that it wouldn’t really be a good game (as it was part of a bundle). Imagine my utter shock and surprise when I put that disc into my PS3 a few weeks later only to lose myself in something that was far more than a game.

Naughty Dog has done that again with their latest PS3 exclusive: The Last of Us, a third-person survival-action horror game. They have managed to create something that transcends the meaning of “game”."

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babis19742004d ago

i give you a 10 for the review, the Last of Us is a masterpiece