Total War Rome II E3 2013 Preview Interview With The Creative Assembly - Gamerhubtv

At E3 2013, The Creative Assembly's Dom Starr talks new Sega sequel Total War: Rome II in this exclusive interview.

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creHEARTive2003d ago

I never got into the Total Rome series. I will take my Rome on the Xbox One with Ryse.

Lionsguard2003d ago

Was that a joke? Ryse is a POS compared to the Total War:Rome series. Then again, I'm comparing a godly game worth of the Pantheon to a game that features auto-pilot because it's players are either too dumb or too rage-quitty to play properly.

creHEARTive2003d ago

whoa, it was a joke buddy. lol

Lone_Man2003d ago

my older brother still asks for rome total war he didn't like any other total war.....

DA_SHREDDER2003d ago

now there is officially no reason to go pc only. this was the only game on pc that i ever cared about. I liked Eve too but Eve is way too time consuming.

gamerlive2003d ago

Next gen gaming is already here -- on the PC