Why Microsoft's Xbox One has already lost to Sony's PS4

When it comes to owning games, the old ways are best

It was with much fanfare and applause that Sony Computer Entertainment's CEO, Andrew House, announced at Tuesday's E3 Expo that Sony's foray into the next generation of video game consoles would hit shelves this holiday season at $399, a hundred dollars cheaper than its Microsoft-made counterpart, the Xbox One.

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Why o why1954d ago

Am I the only person that saw hhg waving his wrestling belt in the air....

I'm also surprised nobody saw patcher waving his calculator

Braid1954d ago

Xbox One in a nutshell:

Can't do this, can't do that. Can't can't can't can't can't. And TV.

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Godmars2901954d ago

More like XBO has already lost because of MS.

It could be going up against the Dreamcast or the Saturn and still be the less popular choice.

PopRocks3591954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

You could argue the Xbox One has already lost to the Wii U with the way things are going. The reputation of this console is so horrid that I can't see it selling farther than general fans of the brand, unlike the previous generation.

Microsoft needs to seriously reevaluate their strategy. They have lots of games, sure. But Sony has most of the same games and more, not to mention that Microsoft's number of quality exclusives pales in comparison to both Nintendo and Sony (that's separately, mind you).

You know what Microsoft does not have? They can't say their console is not unnecessarily restrictive. They can't say their system has backwards compatibility (Wii U) or real value for the paid aspect of their online service (PS+), among a number of other things that you could use to compare it to its competition.

Microsoft has done everything possible to make their system seem as unappealing to anyone other than fans of the brand (and maybe fans of sports teams) and they've allowed all of the rumors and hatred to spiral so far out of control, it's now a selling point for the other two.

Don't get me wrong, there are games I would really like to play that are exclusive to Xbox One. Titanfall (I know it's on PC but I don't have one good enough to run it) and Killer Instinct to name two. But I can't in good conscience pick up this system. It simply does not deserve my hard earned money.

Clarence1954d ago

Damn this $h!t us getting crazy.

matgrowcott1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Or Xbox 360 rather.

Oh, and it's been that way for years. How many of you owned 360s and are only complaining about this now?

Hicken1953d ago

Pretty certain that if you had Lost Odyssey, you could still play it, even if you were banned from XBL.

On the other hand, reports are that- since all your games would be digital and on the HDD- Microsoft's banning you would lock you out of EVERY game you bought, not just the online portion of games you bought.

Yeah, not really the same, is it?

matgrowcott1953d ago


Jesus, you just love spouting bull.

So your evidence that this is even a thing on Xbox One is... what?

MikeMyers1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

He says you will always have access to your games. At 1:04 of the video, he says you will be locked out of multiplayer, just like banned players on other systems.

This is why certain individuals should not be allowed to comment on certain systems when all they are interested in is painting the darkest picture possible and misleading others with false information. Some of these users have carried their hate towards the Xbox 360 and magnified it on the Xbox One. There comes a time some folks need to simply move on since they are no longer actually contributing to the discussions and instead are just trolling.

Protagonist1954d ago

Last comment seems to be most appropriate to how MS is treating their gamers...

Tiqila1954d ago

there are so many reasons...

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