Xbox One’s $499 price tag called ‘dangerous’

The Xbox One’s $499 price tag might not just be a lot to ask of gamers eager to embrace the next generation of video game consoles, it might be flat-out “dangerous.” Microsoft has had a rough couple of weeks following the debut of the Xbox One. The console’s controversial game-sharing and used game policies have drawn a great deal of criticism from bloggers and gamers alike, and even Microsoft’s exciting new Kinect sensor is drawing fire. But everything else aside, one industry watcher believes it’s the Xbox One’s price tag that will scare away a large portion of Microsoft’s potential customers.

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FrigidDARKNESS1953d ago

There was once an article that MS was looking at a 599.00 price. They probably looked at that nd decided 499 .00 . At 499.00 you really getting a lot. Kinect that does full body 3d scan. Windoes 8 Kernel, DVR for games, Web Browser and voice control funtions that swiches inputs for you no tv remote required. Microsoft are wiz when it comes to technology. The xbox one voice commands will branch out to other technologies and home automation in the future.

urwifeminder1953d ago

Ps4 is $549 here xboxone will be $599 will pre order next week trade all this gens gear.

FrigidDARKNESS1953d ago

What country you are from.?

urwifeminder1953d ago

Australia or as we like to say stralia.

B1uBurneR1953d ago

What's dangerous is these stupid headlines to negatively rally the fanboys.

M$ marketing game is not focused where it should be, they can easily counter that borrow game issue if they promote the 10 family and friends list that shares game library. With 10 gamers you'll have your own little gamestop in the cloud. That's saves gamers money.

The Kinect is a integrated part of the system there is no other peripheral in gaming or for tv like it. The price is justified but the 24 policy is plain stupid, give me about 2 weeks instead and I'll let it go.

SpinalRemains1952d ago

The family thing is a nice feature, but it doesn't address any of the problems, and that feature itself is still loaded with special rules and restrictions.

Xbox One instantly turns millions of Gamefly accounts into worthless subscriptions.
Many many gamers are pissed off about this. Its a deal breaker for a lot of ppl.