Blow's Enigmatic The Witness is the Highlight of the PS4 | Destructoid

Destructoid: "Braid-creator Jonathan Blow's The Witness is probably my most anticipated PS4 game -- almost definitely among games that are coming to the system this year. It, in its own way, stole the show at Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement conference and stole E3 for me, too."

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Software_Lover2004d ago

The witness over Knack? The witness over..........other indie titles? I know he's a mouthpiece lately but man.

We all have our preferences though.

3-4-52004d ago

I'm just glad there are two games that look like they do.

I love cool art styles like these.

-Gespenst-2004d ago

A real visionary. I love how unconventional this game is. You're just plonked in a world and made to find out its mysteries with next to no hand-holding. More games should be like this.

3-4-52004d ago

Witness could be one of those games that you feel so good finally beating because you feel you've accomplished something.

I'm not into super challenging games...I want to have fun not do work/chores...

This could be just the right amount of difficulty.

Sadist32004d ago

Maybe I'm an action junkie

Enemy2004d ago

It wasn't "THE" highlight for me but The Witness is very easily my most wanted indie PS4 title. It looks gorgeous, is vastly open, and there are different ways to play the game if you don't want to do story. I hear it's already using 4GB of RAM too, which is pretty insane. Some may call it poor optimization, but we can't know that for sure.

Jonathan Blow going all out on PS4. Bring it.

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