E3 2013: Bayonetta 2 Gameplay Impressions (8bitfix)

8bitfix summarizes their hands-on time with Bayonetta 2 at E3 2013.

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thomasmiller1977d ago

This game looks fantastic!! well cannot wait to see all the stupid responses "DUH I cannot wait until this goes multi platform!! this game will never go multiplatform, the guys who makes the game said it was up to nintendo, they payed for the game IT'S THEIRS!! so what if it sells poorly,? then the game still will not go MULTI PLATFORM!! PLATINUM AND SEGA WILL STILL HAVE NO SAY SO!! NINTENDO OWNS THE GAME!! WII MUSIC BOMBED!! IS IT ON SONY OR MICROSOFT??? NO BECAUSE NINTENDO OWNS WII MUSIC, JUST LIKE BAYONETTA 2!! BAYONETTA 3, MAYBE A DIFFERENT STORY, BUT NOT BAYONETTA 2, OK? JUST wait even with all this smart thinking, the stupid comments will pop up, I promise you!