Destructoid's E3 2013 Game of the Show: Titanfall

Destructoid: "Those that managed to play Respawn Entertianment's Titanfall at E3 this year had the ultimate bragging rights. Players were like small-time celebs at evening events, with others asking everything they could about the title. Show attendees ran as fast as they could when the doors opened at the Los Angeles Convention Center just to get in line for the behind-closed-doors showing of the game. This was a totally hands-off experience, but it was still enough to be the talk of the show."

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urwifeminder1954d ago

Have to agree it was rather epic felt next gen the new cod has finally arrived resapawn will do very well.

BiggCMan1954d ago

Easily impressed :/ I thought it was boring as hell. The idea of mechs dropping on the field is cool, but when they got in them, you moved and played exactly the same as infantry, it didn't feel unique in my opinion. I did like when he tore another guy out of his Titan, but overall, I didn't like the actual Titan gameplay.

Everything outside of the Titan, looks EXACTLY like Call of Duty, down from animations in reloading, aiming, running, and the graphics. Calling it game of the show is no different than calling Ghosts game of the show in my eyes.

starchild1954d ago

You are blind. None of those things you said is true. Yes, it is a first person shooter and it is bound to have similarities to other shooters, but I don't see the things you are claiming.

More likely you are Sony fanboy hating on the game because it isn't on your favorite console.

Well, I think it looks great and I'll be getting it for my PC. The gameplay looks excellent.

BiggCMan1954d ago

"More likely you are Sony fanboy hating on the game because it isn't on your favorite console. "

Well damn...That is high levels of ignorance and stupidity even for N4G.

MikeMyers1954d ago

I want to see how well it plays online and Microsoft's commitment to cloud gaming. Will those 300,000 servers mean no lag?

MysticStrummer1954d ago

"Will those 300,000 servers mean no lag?"


LightofDarkness1954d ago

Unless you have an Azure datacentre in your house, I wouldn't count on it. But it will mean no more P2P match hosting, which eliminates host advantage, and it certainly will mean improved latency in a lot of cases.

Kevin ButIer1954d ago

I was more impressed with the division but.. ok

Mr_Nuts1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


I was really disappointed with it, it looked like COD but in the future with Mechanoids.

The time it's been in development and the hype thats been there for it I was expecting something amazing and totally different.

JohnApocalypse1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

How does it look like COD? Ironsights, ruined buildings?

starchild1954d ago

The people who say that are sheep who can't think for themselves. They are just hopping on a bandwaggon. It gives them a reason to hate the game and downplay it.

Mr_Nuts1954d ago

It just does, you can see it, the gameplay is a massive give a way.

starchild - Don't...just don't. I am far from a sheep so please don't spew bullcrap on here just to try and pick a fight.

medman1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Poor choice. A multiplayer shooter with mechs and pilots? Really? That's your best game of E3? I'd go with The Division, Destiny, or Infamous Second Son before this title. Not to mention it was supposedly running off a pc, as were all other Xbox One games at E3. It's funny how the Titanfall folks were saying "we couldn't possibly make this game without the cloud computing" when they weren't even running off the hardware. What a bunch of bullshot. Everything out of Microsoft's corporate mouth (and those connected to them) lately has been very dubious if not just plain, flat, outright lies. No thank you. And am I to understand the Xbox One still has a power brick? Are you kidding me? The PS4 is more powerful with an internal power unit and it's a smaller form factor? The Sony engineers have completely embarrassed Microsoft's engineering team, once again.

blackstrr4111954d ago

Each and every game shown on sonys conference froze. So they wrnt showing them from the engine.

medman1954d ago

Dev kits dummy, dev kits. Do your homework before you open your mouth.

maniacmayhem1954d ago

Well seeing how both the PS4 and X1 are basically PC's what is the problem? Do you actually believe it will be any different on the X1?

TheGame1993201954d ago

opinion is opinion and i do think the way you think , im just tired of FPS's . most people are hypocrites , a lot of people says to reduce doing fps games, now titanfall is announced everybody is hyped about it. i was not impressed by the game.

MrChow6661954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Im really hyped for this game, love the art style and the action looks like its a blast to play, I trust Respawn to make a great game, I want a ps4 version!

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