E3 Impressions: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 | Game Guys

When Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 launches this Autumn, it will mark a big step forward in the series.

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TheSoundDefense1955d ago

The big step forward mostly sounds like it has to do with the use of the Fox Engine. The soccer itself seems pretty similar to before.

Tuxmask551955d ago

Most sports games tend to be similar to the one before it.

3-4-51954d ago

can't wait.

at this point in console's life cycles they are being abandoned...

Konami makes a whole new engine which will be the best looking and most realistic on this Gen to date.

Smart move.

They can experiment without risking bad next gen game.

Get all the little things right and then move onto PS4 & XB1 next year.

1954d ago