Double Unboxing: The Last of Us Post-Pandemic Edition

Not just an unboxing, a DOUBLE UNBOXING!!! Check out the Post-Pandemic edition for The Last of Us. We had no idea that the statue would be so legit!

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CaptainYesterday2011d ago

I really wanted that statue but it's not available in Canada i'm still happy I got the survivalist edition though. Be warned if you get the art book do not I repeat DO NOT look through it before playing the game I read a spoiler in the first few pages, still enjoying the game, I only played an hour or so loving every minute of it you must play this with headphones at night at least thats what I think. One problem though I noticed that my PS3 slim starts to overheat not long after playing anyone else experiencing this? I was actually surprised that you didn't have to install the game.