Nintendo: “If we build great content, the consumer will not trade in our games.”

How do Nintendo feel about used game sales, Reggie Fils-Aime fills us in on the situation

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Majin-vegeta1982d ago

Exactly i've never traded in any of my games.

Muerte24941982d ago

words have never been spoken, Nintendo.

yeahokchief1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Ive never traded in a nintendo game.

Games like mariokart and supersmash dont get traded in. they are built around replayability.

games like zelda are freaking timeless classics you'll want to replay. same for platformers like the dkc games or mario games. youll want to replay them in a few years.

nix1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

that's what i've been saying.. devs/publishers should start making great games instead of milking the gamers. if you make great games, people will buy it and keep it. that's the thing devs/publishers should be aiming for.

for example look at - Demon's Souls. a game no one thought about and suddenly it was one of the greatest games this gen. i bought it so did many who weren't planning to. am i going to sell it? no way!

Relientk771981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

This ^

I am a collector, I do not trade in my games, I keep them.

edit @ below: I actually just bought Mirror's Edge on PS3 yesterday lol

DxTrixterz1981d ago

Same. I got my first xbox 360 in late 2010 and my first game on it was Mirror's Edge. @ and half years later I still have the exacly same copy of it and my game count hit 220.

3-4-51981d ago

I'm never getting rid of MK7...every 4-6 weeks i'm in the mood to Play Mario Kart and it's always fun, as long as you don't play it 24/7.

PES 2012, with the ability for me to create my own team give me endless replay value.

I will be playing this on 3DS for years to come because every year I can just create a new team and have a whole summer's worth of fun.

Games like that you just don't get rid of if you can help it.

I've sold some great games that I regret but it's always been because of money and wanting that next new thing and not having enough ...unless I trade.

Main Nintendo games always have Great trade in value though....just in case anybody was wondering.

Even DS games from 6-7 years ago...if they are Mario, you can still get good money for them at GS.

yeahokchief1980d ago

YES Nix. I have never sold a Souls game either.



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dedicatedtogamers1982d ago

This has been Nintendo's philosophy for quite a long while (I recall them saying it back in 2006 when the Wii launched). Honestly, it's a very good policy to live by. Make the game so dang good that no one wants to trade it in.

TalesofGaming1982d ago

well they kinda need to make some games first for them to keep following that policy (at least in the case of the Wii U)

zerocrossing1981d ago

To be fair, the reason the Wii U is lacking in games right now is "because" Nintendo are sticking with that philosophy .

TXIDarkAvenger1981d ago

Also this year or at least so far, Nintendo has released a shit load of amazing 3DS games. This is pretty much the year of the 3DS but surely end of 2013/ beginning of 2014 will be Wii U time to shine.

DivineAssault 1982d ago

Right on! I swear that most of my Nintendo exclusive games are games that stay with me forever.. Ive sold some, but not many.. Thats why they retain their value as well..

xYLeinen1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Tbh, they eventually will trade in their games..

What you SHOULD do is to put a stronger focus on the digital download PRICING.. If you cut the price of digital download with 10 bucks, then we are talking..

dark-hollow1981d ago

Of course but the longer the content of the game, the fewer used copies sold early on which leads to better new copies sales.

xYLeinen1981d ago

I understand the thought process, but I still got to disagree..

The number of people who don't finish their games are extremely high. If I remember correctly 70 % and so don't normally finish their SP game.

Let's say if Uncharted 2 was 20 hours long, I don't think less people would trade in that game..

matgrowcott1981d ago

Not possible while brick and mortar stores exist. Publishers/devs aren't allowed to undercut competitors.

xYLeinen1981d ago

If there are some legal reasons behind lower digital prices, then ok, my argument fails..

Foxgod1981d ago

True, i only buy those games i really want, and i never trade them in.

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