The Good News About Xbox One That Microsoft Brushed Right Over

E3 is over, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop. An internal, seemingly official Microsoft PR document about the Xbox One just leaked out, but it's not full of horrible secrets, or general shadiness. Nope, it's actually full of good news that Microsoft just didn't bother to stress.

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Eldyraen2005d ago

It sounds like they may be attempting an XBox based 'Steambox'--more restrictive of course but essentially the same idea (with games all requiring an Xbox license--similar to some Steam required games available on disc today). Its pretty much what I was expecting but its still much less convenient/accessible than Steam from the sound of it thus far (at least with PC Steam as the comparison).

The X1 'could' very well profit from the model when/if MS gets support from publishers and allows huge sales similar to other digital distribution systems manage (which is why digital is typically accepted as it is--full price games or marginal discount at launch and potential for sales only a few months down the line where volume typically makes up the difference). The big question is how it works at launch though as most of what I've read seems to be 'possibilities' and 'later on' regarding most 'beneficial' features (which may never be realized).

Most people's concerns are legitimate in the fact Steam (and almost any other digital distribution system--including consoles of today) can achieve many of the same basic functions without many of the restrictions.

There will of course still be a large audience lost no matter how good of a service it does turn into based entirely on the principle of ownership and internet access (among others) but there is at least the possibility of the design working out in favor for those that its designed for. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be 100% of the existing fan base as besides the console's limitations itself (which is undeniable given today's example) they did such a poor job explaining things to this point quite a lot are likely to simply jump ship due to initial low price and familiar "consumer friendly' mechanics of the PS4.

Anyways, regarding the actual document:

I can pretty much believe this is genuine after reading CNN's article/interview recently in regards to MS having problems with translating their vision and the backlash being 'as expected'. Some of it is likely PR spin but with the drastic changes its none the less true. They had to know such a move wasn't going to be too well received especially all at once.

The console is basically a culmination of nearly all 'bad' decisions PC has seen in recent years and its just hard to try to see a positive in all that mess. They haven't exactly done a good job trying to show us one either.

I'm still interested in the console though as I am 'always online', have already jumped on the digital bandwagon, and to be perfectly honest I'm a bit selfish/over protective with my games anyways. I'm not in any rush to be an early adopter though.

For those that disagree (which I know is a lot): I really don't care.

All I hope is that when/if I do pick up an X1 I enjoy my time with it (and that my stable internet of today doesn't somehow die on me) ;)

Ashlen2005d ago

It's nothing like Steam. Steam (pc) is infinitely backwards compatible. Microsoft will never guarantee that all future boxes will play all games released. And even if they did I wouldn't believe them enough to take that risk.

Doctoglethorpe2005d ago

Steam is a master of the light side of digital gaming, Xbox is falling to the dark side.

Eldyraen2005d ago

Steam is only backwards compatable due to games being based on same basic architecture. In theory MS could do the same thing from here on out but as you said its still not a surety or something I would bet on happening.

It is like Steam though as it is all license based and account locked (which is relevant due to drm/ownership comparison). Valve could (but likely won't) have the Steambox work in a similar fashion quite easily.

the X1 though is MS's twisted Steam inspired monster. It doesn't have to be 100% exact to recognize at least a couple similarities amid the vast differences (most of which are based on Valve's and MS's fundamentally different philosophies and practices).

Ashlen2005d ago

I would also like to point out that Steam in offline mode doesn't need to be connected except to download your games. Steam can be offline for days weeks months probably years with out an internet connection.

Steam and the box are much more different than they are the same imho.

Bigpappy2005d ago

You CAN NOT play a Steam's game without logging in to Steam. You are making stuff up again. You have to authenticate to play bud. Try again.

MrBitch2005d ago

He didn't say you can play steam without logging in, he said you can play it without an internet connection, wich also you don't need to login.

nypifisel2004d ago

The biggest reason (which is just one among many) that you can't compare X1 to Steam is that Steam is not on a closed platform, it got competition which brings down prices. You'll never see a AAA title for 70% off a mare month or two after initial release on the X1, and that's COMMON PRACTICE ON STEAM!

The lower prices on Steam makes for a lesser economical impact on the consumer, hence it does not matter as much that it is tied. That is NOT how the X1 will work - You won't see any sales seeing how it's a monopoly.

humbleopinion2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Actually, the way MS implemented the Xbox One pretty much guarantees future back-compatibility - probably the first console ever to do that.
All the games are running on a virtual operating system which is controller by a hypervisor OS. This has some disadvantages (such as more OS overhead on resources) but essentially means that any future system from Microsoft only needs to implement a software solution in order to run Xbox One games.

(It's probably pretty much why they were able to easily run some Xbox devkit games on E3 on top of Windows 7)

Anyway, the pastebin info from that MS developer is quite amazing - mostly showing how bad Microsoft PR people are in communicating the strengths of the product. Even when compared to Steam the Xbox one still has major advantages: you can still trade-in your games whereas in Steam they are locked in forever, and you can share your games with other accounts on the same machine without having you to sign on whereas in steam only one account can be logged in on any PC.

ThanatosDMC2004d ago

"(It's probably pretty much why they were able to easily run some Xbox devkit games on E3 on top of Windows 7) "

^Really? /s

XB1_PS42004d ago

Can someone list the negative points about Xbox one, I just want to be sure that the negatives mean anything to me personally.. My ps3 and Xbox 360 are always connected to the Internet.. So that aspect doesn't mean squat to me. Also, I collect my games, so I won't be selling used copies anytime soon. Anybody know anything in particular that I'm missing that would make me not want to get one?

JokesOnYou2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Exactly sofresh412, I mean check my post history I've said countless times that the ONLY disappointment for me was not being able to loan my games to friends, I'm always online now and I almost never buy used and I dont sell my games, which I understand you can do this but before micro clarification policy was released, this was my position. As it stands now that I can share my games with my 2 nephews and maybe 2 or 3 other friends very easily, I cant think of any negatives for me. I'm pretty happy with the way X1 is designed.

Dee_912004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Google is your friend
And for a start, some of my devices are connected to the internet all day too,but none of them require the internet to function.Your devices wont become a $500 blu ray player when your internet goes out or when they inevitably have server issues.
But eh if you know the risk, go ahead and buy it.
Funny a mandatory internet connection is the least of my problems with the X1

dcbronco2004d ago


There won't be anymore BC problems on consoles. There won't be for Wii because it will probably be the same parts updated. But this is most likely the last console MS and Sony will make. Streaming will be the future. This generation was 8 years. The next will be more and by the time they will be comfortable being streaming services.

r1sh122004d ago


The reason steam is backwards compatible is because in general windows has been using the same architecture, Ie - source code for the processors etc.

With the ps3/xbox they used different architecture to their previous gens.

But the X1 and Ps4 use x86/64bit architecture so if they continue to use this for the generation after, the games could be backwards compatible.

PowerPc is very different to x86/ 63 bit, so the problem now - many game publishers could optimise for PC and port easily to consoles.

Could that mean a lesser game for the consoles?? who knows :/

pixelsword2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

The PC is not infinitely backwards compatible;

I tried to play with my slip-and-slide with my PC and it just didn't work out.


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002005d ago

xbox one becomes a brick.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2005d ago

No it doesn't. You can still watch blu ray movies with it and use all the voice commands and hand gestures of Kinect.

DigitalRaptor2004d ago

I was going to say that it becomes a brick if you're a gamer and if its primary function is gaming.

But Xbox One's primary function isn't even playing games, which is laughable but inevitably, sad.

XB1_PS42004d ago

@00 When's the last time you used your pc without Internet?

xxxxx012004d ago

"Access your entire games library from any Xbox One—no discs required: After signing in and installing, you can play any of your games from any Xbox One because a digital copy of your game is stored on your console and in the cloud. So, for example, while you are logged in at your friend’s house, you can play your games."

if a friend of yours does not have titanfalls put you do you just sign in with your account and there you have it we are playing titanfalls at his hause no disc required just my account or add him to the family shared.

Foliage2004d ago

For 1 hour and once.

For PS4 you just take your game and continue playing as you always have been able to do; for as long as you want.

Heck, sign into your PSN account and give him the game on his console.

pixelsword2004d ago

" one becomes a brick."

That sounds familiar...

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littlezizu2005d ago

here is the bad news which msoft didnt tell you due to all bad press so your better off asking their employee. luckily for me i've a friend working for m$ studio. here is what he said about 10 account sharing and resale of xbone.
*Account sharing works like this one main account other are sub account all these ten can only be formed in same xbone as the main account.
*Main account can be transferred to another xbone but will be disabled in original xbone. sub account can't do this.
*Xbone resale, while it works you need to sale xbone but m$ retailer act as middleman and this is easy step.
*if you tried to sell without m$ as middleman then the person who buys your xbone it will stop working after 1week as xbone detect change in gps location and non-login by main account user as main user face is recognized by kinect. This was made by m$ as lot of xbox360 was stolen and users wanted a way from m$ to prevent theft, relocate and retrieve the xbone.

Bigpappy2005d ago

Sounds plausible but anyone could have an imaginary friend from M$. Even me.

koolaid2512004d ago

Lies and untruths why do you people keep making up BS?

humbleopinion2004d ago

Your imaginary friend should tell MS PR people they're wrong:
This is from the official xbox page:
"Up to ten members of your family can log in and play from your shared games library on any Xbox One"

Notice the word "any Xbox One"? How does this sit with the "sub account can't do this" argument? Not to mention the ridiculous GPS tracking comments, or is the Xbox one now being offered with a GPS receiver that can work inside concrete buildings?

JokesOnYou2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Yeah they will make up all kinds of things, rumors are fact but official sources are lies.

Even past rumors were either obvious= like the comparable hardware specs or most of them morphed/updated overtime as more details leaked to give the appearance that they knew what they were talking about all along, and then many of the wild ones that every blogg site spewed no one talks about again, basicly for every 1 true rumor theres a bunch of BS ones that aren't even close.

The Real Peter Moore2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

You xbox fanboys are a sad pathetic bunch, just listen to you's. I feel sad for you's. None of this crap is good news, none of it. You want good news, just keep it the way its always been, not this anti-consumer sh1t! have fun getting raped by M$

All the rumors turned out to be true, ALL OF THEM! every single one, you fanboys all have egg on your faces

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a_bro2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

"You CAN NOT play a Steam's game without logging in to Steam. You are making stuff up again. You have to authenticate to play bud. Try again."
Seems like someone Has never Played on steam before. Try again.

Doctor_Freeman2005d ago

I'm so over all this crisp already, personally I don't even think I'm gonna buy a new console for awhile. Luckily most of the games that I'm interested in will be released on PC.

It's pretty much pick your poison, well I've already been using Steam for awhile and I'll will continue to use it for as long as I can. At least the community is top notch as well.

despair2004d ago

with steam we get choices, everyone who gets a game on steam must have an internet connection to download the game and would be fully aware of what that entails.

With Xbox One there are still physical copies of games and needing internet for that is an issue. If the Xbox One was a digital only system then maybe it might be easier to stomach the online checks (though they wouldn't be necessary anymore as you cannot really trade or sell digital games). But the fact that many people still buy physical copies of games means that the system is set up to punish those people.

CoLD FiRE2004d ago

This is the first step for going digital-only. In 7-8 years when the new consoles are released I'd be surprised if they're still going to be using disc-based games. Everything is moving to the cloud and when 1/10Gbps internet connections are the norm there would be no need for any kind of disc-based media.

MS is just preparing everyone for the next gen(if there's one after X1&PS4) where everything is going to be digital only. Right now MS is doing the industry a huge favor by taking all the backlash themselves. It will pay off in the end and those who are stuck in the past of ancient disc era will have to embrace it or get left behind.

SilentGuard2004d ago

MS would have been better off doing away with physical discs for games all together than to go with what they did. Most of these unpopular DRM restrictions are in place because they want to continue to support physical game media but treat them like digital downloads. They themselves admit we're moving to an all digital future so why implement all these restrictive controls to support a dying media form? MS should have treated physical media the same way Sony is but make digital distribution more attractive. If games came out sooner at a lower price point with cloud sharing benefits through download, the physical disc market would dry up in a few years on its own. This was such an avoidable miscalculation by MS but can still be corrected.

slampunk2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )


Firstly, great comment with some solid points.....

I'm always connected currently but will be moving around November and i'm not guaranteed a connection when i first move in as the area has more demand for internet than it can cope with currently!!!

It's hard to be positive at the present time with MS but i can see where they are going and think you are correct in them heading down the same path as steam. In 2 years i'm sure they will have big sales like steam but it's hard to see this as a consumer when the system is new ( and publishers want full price for all the new games)

I commend Sony for their stance although there "No DRM" is only regarding Sony games, leaving the door wide open for 3rd party publishers to put DRM in their games. Yes you can sell your games to retailers, but MS have said you can also do this (publisher willing).

The main difference is the online check / always online.....This is the main difference in the systems which has understandably caused an uproar throughout the gaming community, especially when steam has an offline mode.

Something that not many are talking about is the games that are nearly always online right from the get go of next gen...... Bungie's destiny is basically always online, Titan fall, The Crew, The Division just to name a few..... If you aren't online next gen you will unfortunately be getting the bare bones experience for both consoles.....PS4 is definitely the system to get if you have no connection but how long until you will? With the first batch of games heading that way already, where will they be in 2-3 years? Online connectivity = better gaming experience next gen.....which will suck if i have trouble getting a connection!!!

Another potential positive is the family model but they haven't been that clear yet on how it works?

Looking forward to next gen and think that time will tell for both systems.....Sony is definitely winning at the moment but MS online infrastructure will be a force to be reckoned with (if you have access)....If they relax their policies for online checks it could become a lot closer very quickly....

Very interesting times ahead over the next few months....Gamescom should be another great show filled with more Sony vs MS banter.....

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killbillvolume122005d ago

Hold the front gate, there was good news at the Microsoft conference????

FlameHawk2005d ago

Lmao, you call that "good news", that is like mediocre crap he is talking about. Anyways even if it does get the best things ever most people will not buy it because of the restrictions. I sure as hell don't want a camera watching everything I do, that is the worst part.

2pacalypsenow2005d ago

Has no effect on me NOT getting this Rental Box

WeAreLegion2005d ago

Here's your steaming pile of crap with complimentary mint. Enjoy your stay!