Unwelcome Innovation Earns Gamers’ Jeers

New York Times: Even though new video game systems depend on technological innovation, players are a conservative lot, suspicious of change. That partly explains why they gave a sustained ovation for old-fashioned games on disc during a Sony presentation this week here at the industry’s trade show, E3.

The applause was not only for Sony, which was promoting its forthcoming PlayStation 4 at an event on the eve of the three-day show. It was also a sign of growing resentment toward Microsoft, which was promoting its own new console, the Xbox One.

Microsoft has proposed limiting players’ ability to resell games that will be made for the Xbox One, due in stores in November. Companies that create games for Xbox One, Microsoft said, will be able effectively to prevent consumers from reselling the games by ensuring that the resold games no longer function on the console. No companies that create games have yet indicated that they will exercise this right.

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