Are We Too Hard on the Xbox One?

While the anti-Microsoft memes continue to stream onto Reddit's front pages, Gamers Association editor Curtis Stone asks the inevitable question: "Are we being too hard on the Xbox One?"

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GamingAngelGabriel2004d ago

To an extent, I'd say yes. We NEED to be this hard on Microsoft's policies, but the system itself and the games line-up available are impressive. I'm legitimately excited to use Kinect for some games; I just don't want it spying on me.

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OrangePowerz2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Games wise I think MS had a good show at the E3 although none of the games are really my cup of tea except Forza 5. With the current restrictions and mandatory Kinect there is no way in hell I will get one for Forza 5 even though I never have problems with my Internet or buy used games or rarely lend games to friends.

Kingthrash3602004d ago

while I dont agree or disagree with you....they still insist that this is the right way to do things and treat the consumer/ fans/ gamers even though we are showing them we dont want these bs policies. so I say not hard enough because they still have these policies and it seems it will only take the xb1 to fail to make them realize they made a bad choice and that gamers wont stand for it.

Tyre2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Hell no, 'the price of freedom is eternal vigilance', these articles are made by shills. Their 'immersive obedience box' is a wrong enterprise. Their vision of the future is faul. period. We must never tolerate these attempts to steal our freedoms from under our noses. Their business model is one many and they chose in favor of the greedy corporates & paranoid governments instead of what's better for the customers/people. Their choice is the easiest & laziest route. More freedom to legalise stealing/spying and over-charging the customers/people. How they're being treated is completely justifiable. Their actions are inexcusably. You must be out of your mind to be fine with all of this. All their measures are completely unnecessarily complicated also.

4logpc2004d ago

I really dont understand how Microsoft is taking away anyones freedom, when you dont have to buy the Xbox One.

if you hate it so much, buy a different console and move along.

grimmweisse2004d ago

@4logpc, and that's exactly what everyone is doing. More pre-orders on Sony's system over MS.

And if MS want people to buy their system they have to their stance. Freedom or not, if it doesn't sell as well it will have to change regardless.

If the reaction from E3 is anything to go by, they are in for a rough ride.

Narutone662004d ago

Well, we were also hard on Sony when PS3 was released, look what happened now. Sony learned an important lesson. We need to teach MS the same lesson, just like teaching your children a lesson when they do something bad. Let me asked any parents out there, do you reward your children when they do something bad?

zebramocha2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

@narutone you can't compare the legacy Sony had with the ps1-2 to Ms as they fell off around 2008-9.

showtimefolks2004d ago

its not the system we hate its how MS is handelling everything,

to say if you don't have net connection buy a xbox360 is like saying deal with it

used games/rental game policy needs to be more clear and IMO like what sony said we are not doing it and leaving it up to the publishers, but in MS's case they are also saying the same thing but their message is not clear

kinect 2 should be optional IMO

$499 not an ideal price point

now if you want ps4/xbox one you will pay for 2 service in plus/xblive and that should be anywhere from $100-120 range per year meaning you could buy 2 games

also xbox one is region locked which to me is a big thing since i buy games from other countries

xbox-one is a great system with a lot of games but also a lot of restrictions, and some of them are very stupid

jmc88882004d ago

It is going to spy on you, Microsoft already said so. You just have to be able to actually read through the legalese of what they said.

Then that info is not just used against you by gov't, but by businesses too.

You do realize that what the gov't gets they give to all sorts of Fortune 500 and outright criminals.

The whole 'I have nothing to hide' bs that losers talk well...incorrect. Because that info that you're going on vacation, well someone has that info, and you might come back to an empty house.

Or you may invest in something given all the knowledge you can legally acquire, but because of the spying, other people know more, which is an unfair trade practice, and you lose your investment.

Yes that IS what the NSA is doing, and Kinect 2 will just give them that much more data mining capability.

They record EVERYTHING. They even have a google like search to easily find everything about you...and no they think they don't need a warrant.

Very little of it do they even try to put up a facade of legality, noted by the unconstitutional FISA courts which are not bound by the constitution. Meaning you don't have to be a bad guy to be spied on, or searched on, or be taken advantage of.

Everyone should ignore those facts at their own peril. Or you might wake up and your bank account is empty. It's already happened in Cyprus and Spain, and it's the law of the land to happen here in the U.S. under the Dodd-Frank act.

Kinect is just one part of it, and yes MS has been selling you out to the gov't since Windows 95. If you believe them it's as stupid as leaving a kid with a convicted pedophile.

GrownUpGamer2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

They will shine if they give this:

Allow Used Games, NO 24 hrs check, and NO Kinect Sku on day one with a 1 month Xbox Live Gold Free for $399

This comment is going to receive disagrees for no reason.

creatchee2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

I don't expect Microsoft to change its policies before launch, or even up until a year after launch. Assuming that that is the case, there are a few things they can do.

First and foremost, EXPLAIN ALL OF THEIR POLICIES AND HOW THEY WORK. I'm talking in detail and so that everyone who is a potential customer knows exactly what they are getting into. Send out press releases, post videos online, provide retailers with definitive fact sheets, etc. Even if the policies can be considered bad at face value, consumers will have more respect for the company and be more likely to purchase their products if they are fully informed of everything that comes with buying a One.

Second, for the love of god, GET YOUR PR GUYS ON THE SAME PAGE. When Major Nelson, Don Mattrick, and Phil Harrison either give out conflicting reports or can't answer important questions, it looks very bad for the company. How can customers have faith in a product if the faces of the company give them nothing solid to believe in?

Third, TELL US WHY WE WILL BENEFIT FROM THE POLICIES. The games look great, but the policies are putting off the hardcore crowd, and even some of the casuals and later adopters. The Family Group is a great start, but because of the problems I've illustrated in my previous two points, people don't have a full understanding of it and why it will be a great feature. Also, make sure that each "bad" attribute is canceled out by a directly-related "good" attribute.

Finally, BE HUMBLE. Nobody liked being told to get a second job to afford a Playstation 3. Similarly, military personnel don't like being told to buy a 360, and people who don't like the other policies don't like being told to deal with it. As an extension of the previous points, take what people are saying into account before you respond and THEN tell them why you might still be able to provide them with a great next-gen experience.

Microsoft has five months until launch. If their policies in regards to the One are set in stone, that's the way it is. However, they can still regain at least some if not a lot of support if they change their presentation. I've said all along that there must be a method to their seeming madness. I'm not saying that it has to be tomorrow or next week, but it has to be relatively soon because the time to show what that method is before they get into even more trouble than they already are in is ticking away.

3-4-52004d ago

You need to be to show people they are wrong, when they actually are, so they don't go thinking things that aren't true.

People are bashing way too hard sometimes though, because XB1 will have some awesome games, and has a great controller, but it's all the other Corporate BS that people and gamers can't stand.

webeblazing2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Not really the spying, even though they have been exposed being apart of the PRISM act that hit the fan. but they fact they took the controlling what they did on the 360 to the extreme. we shouldnt let sony slide either cuz the could still give the most basic mp 4 they could split the mp before join to join dedicated (PS+) server or p2p(free), alot of people on pc if they luv a game they will even pay for a server = free good servers for everyone. on not side with anyone but you have to admit every gen it getting closer to PC (not bad but great) steam you can play offline. but like i said they took it too far, but they are a business and MS deal with way more piracy than any, we should know, look at any torrent site (how many of you have a download windows on there LMAO, but maybe they have they reasons and so do MS, i just dont support theirs)

georgeenoob2004d ago

When fanboys finally find something to b*ch about they will turn whatever that is into the worst thing on earth since world hunger.

webeblazing2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

r you talking bout what i said bout PRISM cause it was on the news, newspapers, internet, everything you must not be form the the U.S. even that it was more gear toward people like you---> if you not from here. my point wasnt about that tho bout i guess you missed the point and if the comment wasnt for me my badd.

metaltales492004d ago

At this point it doesn't matter if you agree with microsft policies or not either you do or you don't.But the fact that you know there wrong but your will to ignore there policies in order to get a games that look pretty show that you have no self control and you don't care about gaming.Where is you self respect as a gamer will to take microsoft crap to get a game you make me ashamed to be a gamer.

Insomnia_842003d ago

No, we need to be harder!

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NYC_Gamer2004d ago

MS needs to ditch all of the anti consumer/indie restrictions

Wedge10822004d ago

Do this, and I won't have one thing to complain about.

3-4-52004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

They will.......4 years from now when the realize they aren't going to meet projections and they fire 10 people and finally they make a change but it will still have some BS behind it.

It took them 8 years to have Actual sales on Xbox live.

That 10% off BS doesn't cut it Microsoft, especially when you charge $50 for Digital games that have been out for 5-6 years........take a look at Steam and how they do things.

Mikelarry2004d ago

nope ms are the ones being hard on consumers and are so tunneled visioned that they cannot see that they are alienating the fan-base they spent all that time building from the 360era. what a shame

DragonKnight2004d ago

No. Some only learn the hard way.

wardestroyr2004d ago

If anything, we need to go harder on the XBone.

For the sake of consumers everywhere, this console needs to be wiped from existence.

And, the worse part is I was actually a fan of Xbox - this is the most disastrous PR I have ever witnessed.

killbillvolume122004d ago

If we are not hard on Microsoft then this would become the norm and it would just keep getting worse and worse....

kneon2004d ago

Exactly. Do you think that Sony would get away with charging for online if Microsoft had not been getting away with it for an entire generation?

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