3D Realms sues Gearbox over unpaid Duke Nukem royalties, Gearbox responds

Gearbox took over and resumed development of Duke Nukem Forever in 2009, eventually completing the project that 3D Realms had spent nearly 15 years developing. 3D Realms now seeks to recover over $2 million, claiming that Gearbox blocked an independent audit attempting to document the company's royalty earnings from Duke Nukem Forever.

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Chuk51954d ago

Gearbox literally has lost all of the goodwill and cache they gained with Borderlands.

turgore1954d ago

3d realms doesn't deserve a penny from them. yes, they gave them the rights but they also gave them a broken, crappy game.

lodossrage1953d ago

But Gearbox knew that and took it in willingly. So truth be told, as much as it's 3D Realms fault the game sucked, Gearbox has to own up to that as well because they took on the project KNOWING all the faults that existed.

Grimhammer001953d ago

Isn't Gearbox same douches who took Segas money and ran to borderlands while shafting aliens colonial marines for several years........ALLEDGIDLY. Lol

To future pubs.....don't risk buisness with Gearbox. Once maybe it's lied. Twice....I smell dirty company.

cunnilumpkin1953d ago

gearbox are crap imo

borderlands was a neat idea, but crappy visuals, connection problems, repetitive enimies and boring endgame ruined what could have been amazing

brothers and arms was pretty good

other than that they have NOTHING to speak about, they are has been hacks

bungie will take every good idea from it and multiply it by 100

destiny is going to be everything borderlands could have been and more

r40k2131953d ago

I smell a Bungie fanboy. How the heck does Destiny connect to Borderlands? They both take place on planets that aren't Earth, they both have guns...... and that's all I got.

Grimhammer001953d ago

Destiny is defiance meets borderlands done better than either by what little I've seen.

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