H-Hour PS4 Announcement & New Reward

Update #9 - Video: PS4 Announcement & New Reward

We are proud to announce that H-Hour: World's Elite will launch on the PS4 alongside the PC version IF the new PLAYSTATION WARRIOR reward tier get's maxed out.

More info:

You can post comments at Kickstarter where David will answer your questions & respond to any messages.

Also, don't forget David will be hosting a IAmA Open Q&A on Reddit Saturday from 12pm to 6pm (EST).

More info:

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Godmars2901953d ago

So now Kickstarters are jumping on the PS4 bandwagon? Trying to take advantage on the indie incentives?

dragonyght1953d ago

no surprise there its the creator of socoms series new studio and this suppose to be the spiritual successor to socom 2

HammadTheBeast1953d ago

This just got interesting.... PS4 seems incredibly open if people can now open kick starters for it.

Godmars2901953d ago

Include Kickstarter projects you mean.

Wouldn't be impossible, just odd, to see someone do one while only intending a PS4 release.

princeofthabay1953d ago

i want to see what the game looks like

ssj271953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Me to.. but you got to donate.. so they can pay the talent! To create the demo.
their goal is to go full next gen with amazing visual and a gameplay that no publisher dare to try.. sadly not even Sony ..
Can anyone twitter this to Yoshida? Idk how to use twitter .. imagine if he found it .. that will win my respect .. is them Sony fault anyways after ruining Socom souls to the casuals.

I already did.. I went for the PlayStation warrior $50..

wastedcells1953d ago

Wow PS4 kick starters...... We will have such a variety of games on ps4.

WarMachine_v11952d ago

I am going to preorder the PS4 tomorrow. Off to an amazing start!

r211953d ago

Spread the news people. Its by the people of the original SOCOM PS2 games.

ssj271953d ago


I already donate.. everyone who is tired of the same formula COD ( a fun good game but come on, enough is enough) and want a hardcore tactical experience should donate or spread the word so others donate..

I want a tactical shooter with amazing visuals great sound and bullet detection .. fun to play and realistic a authentic game that has it own soul and is not just like the other popular game.

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The story is too old to be commented.