PS4 Games Demoed on PS4 Dev Kits Says Blow, Xbox One Games Spotted Running on PCs With Nvidia Cards

It just keeps getting worse for Microsoft: After facing a consumer backlash over DRM, a bizarrely high price and no love on Amazon, a new scandal has emerged. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker2005d ago

The fact that MS is showing off games on a PC (that isn't the same mind you) really does make me wonder if the rumor of it being under-clocked is true.

Also, the fact that a developer is saying:
"That is kind of crazy considering consoles are supposed to be on the shelves with these games in 5-6 months."

Goes to show that MS is not only losing the confidence of the consumers but also the developers.

US8F2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Nothing new. Once a deceiver, always a deceiver. No one is willing to admit anything from their end. Wow, the vision must be foggy. Poor kids.

NatureOfLogic2005d ago

MS is rushing their console out to compete with PS4.

doctorstrange2005d ago

The Xbox One doesn't use Nvidia... it uses AMD

NameRemoved00172005d ago


If it used nvidia it would cost like $700 lol.

ginsunuva2005d ago

Don't forget the infamous fake Halo 2 e3 demo

zebramocha2005d ago

@fool that underclock rumor is new,the only reason they may be using a powerful PC is,the kotaku rumor say they were behind as much as six months.

Narutone662005d ago

Well to be fair, almost all the games coming to the XB1 will also be released on the PC so, not so surprising at all.

Ju2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

If this is true this is quite wow. I was impressed how many games they had at the show. But this explains it quite well. But that's quite bad. What does this even mean for the XBone games? Guess MS wanted to make sure they look on par or better than PS4 games. Made me wonder when we saw the footage but explains it quite well. And we'll get a 1000 responses to justify this PR stunt with people letting MS getting away with this once again. I don't care. Won't get that one anyway. So w/e. But still a bit shocked over their business ethics (after all those years, again and again).

AKS2004d ago


"Well to be fair, almost all the games coming to the XB1 will also be released on the PC so, not so surprising at all."

What is "fair" about that? Using PC hardware to represent a console that is supposed to land in retail in a few months from now is pretty shady regardless of what other versions of games are planned. I can understand if they are showing a teaser or concept footage for hardware planned for late 2014 or 2015, but this thing is supposed to be released to the public in a few months.

Blade Runner2004d ago

But keep in mind Sony did the same thing with Killzone years ago and they took a beating for it. Now its MS turn.

JBaby3432004d ago

This explains a lot actually. I was watching the game reveals at MS's conference and then was kind of let down by Sony's. I was thinking "Why do the xbone games look better"? Now I know why I was blown away by Ryse. The game looked fantastic. While I'm not much of a PC gamer I know that a high-end PC will outperform a console. This is reminiscent of the Gears bullshots.

slpknt6sic62004d ago

What is funny is Microsoft trolled Sony for not showing the ps4 earlier this year. Maybe Microsoft shouldnt come out and show a console if its nowhere near ready.Microsoft is Clearly behind behind schedule an I bet we will see another rushed system full of problems like the 360. RROD part 2.


@Blade Runner

Sony didn't made an overpowered build though, they even stated it was a target render after... In fact, the final result surpassed the E3 video in many aspects, matched in others. Also the CG trailer was in E3 2005, almost 1.5 years before the console release, they had a PS3 running show in E3 2007 and the game was only released in 2009.

MS is making playable demos of games supposed to release in 5 months running in a machine that's nothing like the console it will be played at and they are not commenting on it... So no, it's nothing like that Killzone 2 situation.

Gaming1012004d ago

lol I know right, although it's possible they don't want the dev kits running anything as they're probably not finalized. Microsoft didn't want to unvail anymore information about the specs which tells you they haven't finalized them yet.

Moonman2004d ago

Man, get rid of the BONE! haha

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guitarded772005d ago

I agree. My buddy is trying to decide between the two, and we were just discussing that. At this point in the game, MS should have working prototypes to display the games on. I saw the pics of windows 7 PC's in the XBOX One kiosks at E3, and it raises a lot of questions.

Heartnet2005d ago

Games are made on PC makes sense to Demo then on em aswell tbh...

Running it on a PC or a PS4 or an Xbox One makes little difference. Its all about minimizing risks and getting the game shown.

guitarded772005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

@ Heartnet

Not if you're selling hardware. I think it's legitimately of interest. Hardware is releasing in 6 months... it's a VIDEO GAME TRADE SHOW... people want to see the next gen in action. Plus, games are built in a DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT... just because a PC or Mac is used to support that development environment, it doesn't mean that the game is optimized for one platform or another. You sound like the type to roll over on your back and request a belly rum from a company while not questioning why they have a zap collar in the other hand. I would love to be as naive as you and not question the intent of a company that only wants my money at the end of the day.

Ju2004d ago

"makes little difference" ? Are you serious? So, if you see the Witcher on a PC you tend to believe you will get the exact game for a PS3. Or will you feel cheated when you actually drop the disk into your console? In some places this would be considered illegal advertising.

MysticStrummer2004d ago

"Running it on a PC or a PS4 or an Xbox One makes little difference."

I'd say it makes a difference if the PC you're showing the game on is better than the console it's supposed to represent.

Heartnet2004d ago


Even if the graphics have been slightly elevated or w.e the core game still remains the same.

I can play witcher 2 on pc and then on Xbox and im sure i will have the same experience either way.

If you can run on an Unfinished Xbox One with an Unfinished game or run it on the place it was designed and has probably been tested on, you will do that as it reduces risks things will go wrong and makes repairing errors easier.

And there showing the games off which is the prime point they were trying to do.

cartman3132004d ago


No, the whole point is to show off what the console is capable of. They aren't doing that if they were using a PC.

Death2004d ago

A dev kit is a PC that is used to write code and see the results as you go.

A debug kit is a pre-production console with extra bells and whistles attatched to it so you can run pre-release software during the development process.

Any PC with the proper development software can be used as a "dev kit" to show off game footage during development. The hardware requirements aren't as stringent since you are less dependant on them for this use. It's odd that Sony or Microsoft would use Nvidia cards since both consoles are AMD based. It's even odder that anyone could tell what cards are being used by simply looking at the PC.

The only ones that should be upset by this "news" are those that have absolutely no idea how game development or the hardware used actually works. To recap, an early "devkit" is a PC. As the hardware is finalized, they do put them in prettier cases that look more official, but the guts are the same.

Wedge192004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Funny thing being that they are Windows 7 PCS, they don't even trust their Windows 8 PCs to run the Xbone games.

brave27heart2004d ago


If you test drove a Ford Focus which had a supercharged engine in and bought one only to find the model you bought had a standard engine in wouldnt you be disappointed that what was portrayed to you wasnt representative of the product you were going to buy?

More relevant example - Aliens Colonial Marines E3 demo compared to final product. It might not be an illegal practice (just about) but it sure is unethical.

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deadfrag2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

The System been under-clocked its not a new rumor,this was state many times before over the last year,it was confirm by sources close to the project and on leaked documents.Now all this that the demos were running on Pc towers with specs well over the real system,makes me wonder that the actual footage released is not indicative of what the Xbone is able to do.I really found kind of strange how that demo of DR3 was running so smooth but in the other hand i think people that know how to discerne framerate bumps could actually state that RYSE was running with very low framerate in some parts of the demo too.M$ is most likely rushing the product to consumers,i hope i dont end with some kind of RROD for the poor customers that end supporting this draconian machine.

Mystogan2005d ago

Its far from confirmed. Major nelson himself came out and said that that wasn't true. And he seems the be the one everyone trusts.

NameRemoved00172005d ago

@Mystogan Major Nelsons going to be out of a job the way the xbox one is going right now.

imt5582004d ago


You really believe that Major Nelson will tell the truth about downclocked GPU?

a_bro2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

CBOAT Refuted that rumor stating that its true. How reliable is CBOAT? Well. He was 90% right about what Microsoft was going to do this E3. I believe him over what major Nelson says.

Btw I'm not going to link what he stated just to protect the guy. You try to find him.

nunley332004d ago

Major nelson would be out of a job if he actually told the truth about xb1. He says whatever ms whats him to say and spins away, i wouldn't see him as any truth authority if i were you MYSTOGAN.

Sharius2004d ago

Mayjor Nelson?

isnt the same guy claim that metal gear solid 5 will be exclusive for xbone?

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Mystogan2005d ago

And you believe this blow guy? He's been talking shit about X1 ever since it got revealed.

Destiny was also running on PC at the Sony conference same goes for Assassins Creed.or it was the PS4 being faulty.

Nocando2005d ago

At this point I think MS should reconsider working with Blow.

B-radical2005d ago

Ps4 assassins creed did screw up but dont blame ps4 as much as the demo itself

medman2005d ago

Sure it was. You keep telling yourself that. You've probably even convinced yourself that the Xbox One's ram is better than the PS4's and Microsoft's first party developers will destroy Sony's development houses. Good luck with that.

Ju2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Of course Sony's games ran dev kits. And - despite what Sony stated - I believe the box locked up. But this even more so proves those were real dev kits. First batch is always tricky, these are most likely prototype machines. Also, probably in a closed compartment with heat building up. Even production machines in such an environment have a risk of shutting down; heat being the primary problem. They ran a game behind the curtain as a backup in case the on stage machine fails. And that might have happened. Not with Black Flag - because this game really stalled at the end.

Those "stalls" are not uncommon on a new piece of silicon which run highly parallel processors and brand new SW (could be a HW issue with race conditions or a SW/threading issue - it sure is early Alpha at this stage). It will probably take a little to mature - well, not too long hopefully (BTW: first batch of PS3's cell processor was shipped with a bug which could stall the SPUs/DMA engine which the later PS3 OS has a workaround for - and nobody noticed).

But not running the box is quite a huge deal at this stage of the game. Almost so much that I cannot imagine how they can release that box this year...

BallsEye2004d ago


ow yea. Blame the demo, never blame sony. you said same thing about multilpats last gen. Thing is, it's a smart thing to do demos on pc instead of early hardware so you will avoid problems like that

Wedge192004d ago

It's not just Blow. Read the article. Devs are confirming this. People who were THERE at E3 are confirming this. It's sad. AC4 bugged during the conf because AC games are notoriously buggy and this one will be no different, not because of the PS4. All games shown on the PS4 were running in real time on the PS4.

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B-radical2005d ago

hahah it was already spotted out that bf4 was shown on pc that is nothing new.

ZoyosJD2004d ago

But BF4 is releasing on PC, while Xbox ONE games are not, unless you count that cloud BS.

Where this started:

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2005d ago

SO let people pre order based on pc footage??

And spend $500 in the process?

Honestly I don't even think EA would go that low..

Can't they get sued for this??

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2004d ago

All I can say is ps4 day 1 consoles is sold out on amazon and xbox is were it should be.

But after launch ps4 pre orders are right behind xbox..
and going down hill.

NextGen24Gamer2004d ago

As soon as I clicked the link and saw the So Called news is from a Sony Playstation website, I knew it was garbage. LOL...Keep feeding your dedicated Sony fans this nonsense. The fact of the matter is the xbox one games looked better than the ps4 games and now they are attempting to do damage control by fabricating this nonsense. Microsoft clearly stated that the games shown at the E3 press conference was running on Xbox One hardware.

What is funny is that Sony knows that the games look better on the xbox one and they needed to do this damage control and make stuff up. Funny, Funny, Funny.

Sony Fans will buy the ps4 regardless. No need t bash your competitor because their games look better. The Xbox One has a custom CPU unlike the Ps4...Official specs not released but one thing is a known fact. Developers helped with the design of the internal makings of the console and we know that launch games like Forza will be running 1080p at 60 fps...and the game looks incredible!

Fanboys who were saying that Ram and the GPU speed would make a 50% difference, clearly don't understand how there are many other features built into the xbox one that effects graphics besides the speed of ram or the GPU...

If launch games are running at 60 fps and 1080p, think about 3 years from now! Also, it's a known fact that ps4 can't do the 4k resolution for games but the xbox one can! Why do you think that is? LOL...Obviously there is a lot more than meets the eye with the xbox one and obviously ram speed and gpu speed is only one piece of a larger puzzle. But, it don't matter, sony fans will still choose ps4 and people who invest in the xbox one will experience true next gen that the $100 dollar cheaper console won't be able to match!

Thanks Microsoft! Can't wait till November!

Hercules1892004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Youre not allowed to say that stuff on this website, they will steal your bubbles and treat you like youre a nazi. They say its 50% more powerful, yet the games dont look much different from each other, quantum break imho looks just as good as killzone shadowfall.

Ju2004d ago

"looked better than the ps4 games"...Ok, and according to you it will make me a fanboy if this doesn't raise concerns that it is physically impossible that half the bandwidth and 50% less compute performance would deliver those results, huh? Instead of asking a question you call others "blind Sony followers". Maybe that's fake, who knows. Maybe this isn't from this years show or it's photoshopped, who knows.

ndl15312004d ago

wow your sooo far up microsofts a$$ its incredible lol your fanboy stench makes me sick . any sane person will see the dirty and greedy tactics ms is using to try and take away our freedom as gamers . borrowing and selling used games is part of gaming culture and dont let me start with all the monitoring and check ins reqired to play your sp games dam you are blind boy

DoesUs2004d ago

"The Xbox One has a custom CPU unlike the Ps4"

Both machines use "Custom" AMD Jaguar APU's (basically 2 duct taped together). Do some research.

"Developers helped with the design of the internal makings of the console"

No different to Sony WW Studios.

"Thanks Microsoft"

Thanks Elite for once again showing you know diddly squat about hardware technology in these things. Flip flop away now.

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DevilishSix2004d ago

Seems the rumors of MS being 6 months behind are true this is what happens when you start developing a new console in 2010 vs Sony starting development in 2008. You get caught with your pants down and alot of confusion ensues, which is what is happening right now. From the month delay of their reveal to them not having answers, to not being on the same page, to coming across as dickish like Don Mattrick. Microsoft was not ready.

Hercules1892004d ago

they started developing the looks of the console in 2010 but ofcourse noone pays attention to anything on here

2pacalypsenow2004d ago

I wonder if Xbox 1 is rushed like 360 and people will have the RROD(obviusly it wont be a Red ring) issue again if it does happen MS is def done this gen

doctorstrange2004d ago

I remember reading somewhere they started pretty late

Wedge192004d ago

Can't have a red ring issue if they don't use those red LEDs! :)

Orionsangel2004d ago

Should we stop calling them consoles at this point?

UNGR2004d ago

And the games running at the PS4 reveal were on a PC as well, but hey lets just bash one and not the other. Fanboys never cease to amaze me.

"The fact that MS is showing off games on a PC (that isn't the same mind you) really does make me wonder if the rumor of it being under-clocked is true." That doesn't even make sense, if you think it does please elaborate, I'm all ears.

"Also, the fact that a developer is saying:
"That is kind of crazy considering consoles are supposed to be on the shelves with these games in 5-6 months." " Well he/she is a employee at one development studio, what would this person know about hardware manufacturing, video games are all printed within the last month before release, I don't see how this person would be any more knowledgeable than we would be.

"Goes to show that MS is not only losing the confidence of the consumers but also the developers."

Customers? No doubt, a lot of people are jumping ship to Sony. Developers? Keep the straw man to yourself please, one person said something about a process he/she knows nothing about. My god people can we please think for a little bit before we comment? What if this person was a concept artist working for the studio? Then I'd really judge her judgment.

sinjonezp2004d ago

I hate this. I hate microsoft right now. How dare they fabricate such a thing as using the best single card solution, other than the gtx titan, to display games. You take a 500 - 650 card and sell people dreams?. A gtx 780 is lebron James and the 7790 is luke walton. If we were to compare. Microsoft is delusional if they are to state a comment like, "yes, our hardware is comparable to this pc set up." Riiiiiigghhhhttt. I have 2 gtx560tis 448 ultra classified with 384bit memory interface in sli and would blow a 7790 out the water and the demos they showed would make my fps go down at 1080p. I guess the xb1 direct compare is killer instinct. Jagged edges, bad shadows, only 720p. Microsoft really screwed up on this one. This console may go the way of the phillips cdi if any of you guys can remember that one.

tuglu_pati2004d ago

I wonder what would happen if the games end up looking better than what they showed in the conference, what will be the excuse for PS fans to hang on?

husomc2004d ago

Don't blame microsoft. they gotta do everything possible to get their new PRISM sponsored surveillance device into ppl's homes.

wastedcells2004d ago

Unstable hardware is probably the reason. I can't see why they would do this otherwise. If X1's have a red ring style issue at launch they are just putting the last nail in their own coffin. Seriously tho they have done all this damage and bad pr to themselves.

Bathyj2004d ago

pro wrestling is scripted?

3-4-52004d ago

XB1 - If you can't make it....fake it

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TrendyGamers2005d ago

You can't spell Mattrick without trick.

Vip3r2005d ago

Saw this some where else but I'm gonna quote it anyway.

Hattrick - Three wins

Mattrick - Three (or more) fails.


Smashbro292005d ago

Fail is not a noun. Please stop using it as a noun.