Next-gen Showdown - PS4 vs. Xbox One specs & features

Let’s take a look at the announced specs and features for the two big next-gen consoles. PS4 vs. Xbox One.

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NameRemoved00171955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I love how Sony has packed better hardware into a smaller package even the power supply is in their yet the xbox one is massive compared to the ps4 and it still has a power brick. Xbox controller is still in the past, why would they still use AA batterys is beyond me.

GamersHeaven1955d ago

LOL it still uses batteries? The power brick should tell you how bad Microsoft is at making hardware also inferior GPU only 90% for games other 10% for the OS and 5 out 8 DDR3 ram for games vs 7 GDDR5 superior ram for games 100% superior GPU for for games also the under clocking for xbone cpu (OS also takes up CPU usage) which is most likely the case.

iGAM3R-VIII1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

AMD Radeon GCN 1.x GPU (on APU)
18 Compute Units / 1152 GCN Cores
32 ROPS (Fillrate)
8 ACES * 8 Compute Queues = 64 Compute Queues

Xbox One:
AMD Radeon GCN 1.x GPU (on APU)
12 Compute Units / 768 GCN Cores
16 ROPS (Fillrate)
2 ACES * 2 Compute Queues = 4 Compute Queues

The PS4 has 50% more raw shader performance, a 100% increase in fillrate and a 700% increase in compute (gpgpu) queue granularity.

This isn’t negligible and just because they share the same system architecture doesn’t mean they’re equal. The PS4′s gpu holds a performance advantage of around 50% before you even take into account compute capabilities and the rest.

[AMD Radeon (18 CU / 32 ROP / 1.8TF)] vs [AMD Radeon (12 CU / 16 ROPS / 1.2TF)]

Gran Touring1955d ago

It's interesting, the PS4 has an internal power supply yet still weighs about a pound less than XB1.

GamersHeaven1955d ago

Look at Gamecube which is also Nintendo's 4th console extremely small and power full no power supply seems like Sony and Nintendo both have mastered hardware on there fourth consoles.

MysticStrummer1954d ago

"It's interesting, the PS4 has an internal power supply yet still weighs about a pound less than XB1."

The One has that smoke machine inside it though. You know, for "cloud computing".

ajax171954d ago

The AA battery is insane! I mean it was bad enough in the 360, but to do it again!? So incredibly lame.

Reverent1954d ago

Not to mention that it takes up space on the controller. It makes it very uncomfortable to hold if you have long fingers.

dantesparda1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

@reverent, that's true for the 360 controller, but the x1 controller doesnt have the back battery compartment sticking/bumping out like the 360 controller. Its flat/flush with the controller, so its a improvement. But the regular batteries things is unexcusable, come on ms, they are just being cheap!

Godmars2901955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

"Used Game Fee" should be changed to "Used Game Restrictions". if only to shut-up people complaining about it.

Also; the XBO actually has an external power source?

Vip3r1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Why spend money on hardware R&D (especially after RROD) when you can simply waste $400 million on the NFL.


Belking1955d ago

Well, they would went with sony but their check would probably

dantesparda1954d ago

You're corny kid, try again!

Oner1954d ago

@Godmars "the XBO actually has an external power source?"

Yes it does ~

Mikelarry1955d ago

it should also mention cloud computing as i have noticed alot of users using that "buzz" word and thinking the ps4 cannot do this as well

Belking1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

They can't. Sony can't even get gaikai off the ground in time for launch. Their cloud is not the same as MS Azure and not even close to the same size of servers.

Mikelarry1955d ago

we are yet to see the benefits, just thought it would be a good idea to add that as one of the features on the list. hopefully when they both launch and we have got hands on then we can decide which is better.

MagickaEmperor1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I think that after the inevitable success of the PS4 launch, Sony will have the financial means to grow their online services (such as 'cloud'), setting up hundreds of thousands of new servers, and starting the process of growing PSN into a LIVE/STEAM rival.

Just remember: The majority of Xbox 360's fanbase is expected to sway in favor of Sony this console-cycle (thanks in no small part to MS's own bad decisions & alienating of it's core fans). If the vaste majority of gamers spend $399 on a PS4, and this continues while software sales increase for the platform - well, it seems reasonable to expect Sony to reinvest this massive influx in revenue back into making the product better (this includes the services it provides).

Besides: Sony will 'have' to reinvest in it's online services - afterall; what are they going to do when a couple hundred million teenagers (worldwide) migrate from XBOX LIVE to PSN later this holiday season to play Call of Duty: Ghosts & Battlefield 4 multiplayer non-stop?

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one2thr1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I also thought that the Xbox one games won't be able to use all the cores or at least not be able to use all 8 cores on its CPU compared to that of the PS4...

NameRemoved00171955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Its the same cpu, that would be up to the devlopers and how good the operating system is on how well it can utilize those 8 cores.

Don't forget though they are jaguar cores which suck :(

Why they went with power saving cores over powerful cores the world will never know. I fthey used an fx 8350 and utilized all 8 core it would be better than intels i5 and about the same as the i7.

Belking1954d ago

Its all up to the devs. Sorry to break it to you guys but the games on both consoles will be close for now, but if MS cloud stuff comes into play and it does what they are saying, xbox-one will easily surpass it and the games will be much better in the years to come.
if they can offload certain things in the cloud then that leaves more processing power for the xbox-one.

Godmars2901954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

And you're guessing as much as they are. If not more.

Honestly, all this cloud talk might mean something if an example existed, but there isn't one. Not so much as a staged speculative demo. And this is MS, who were showing off Kinect two years before it was released.

MysticStrummer1954d ago

Cloud computing isn't going to do what you think it is.

Even with an 8mbps connection, which is faster than the average connection in the biggest gaming market, the cloud can deliver 1/20000 of the data that the PS4's internal memory can process.

The cloud will not be a factor this generation. Not for the type of computing MS is implying anyway.

SilentGuard1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Why would MS still use a power brick? They couldn't build it into the system as large as it is and yet the smaller PS4 has the power supply built in? So not only do you have to place the Kinect somewhere, but the power brick as well. Then the hard drive can't be swapped so when you run out of space you have to attach an external hard drive. A giant box with three seperate things attached to it. Way to go on your design MS.

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