Microsoft To Sell Next-Gen Games for $60, Price of Gaming May Not Rise

A company spokesperson confirmed to Kotaku that Microsoft's own first-party Xbox One games will cost $59,99, the same price top Xbox 360 games have.
And for PS4? Sony's U.S. boss of PlayStation business, Jack Tretton, implied in an interview last February that PS4 games would also peak at $60. Oddly, at E3 this past week, Sony reps declined to say what their PS4 games will cost. "I know the pricing," Sony's head of worldwide game development, Shuhei Yoshida, told me when we met to chat about PlayStation.

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Lovable2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Oh Shiiii $70 dollars game... Superstore charge me $80 bucks + 12% HST when I bought borderlands back when it first released.

Muerte24942045d ago

to require an internet connection to play games on your platform. You need to lower the price of your games. Steam is very successful because of this. You can't ask people to still pay $60 and then impose all these restrictions on them. They is why this business model will fail.

theWB272045d ago

Agree....if we buy into the digital phase. We have to be compensated by somewhat of a price drop.

cleft52045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Exactly. Microsoft wants to say there is no difference between digital and physical media and digital is the future. Well if you look at other digital distribution services like Steam you can get Retail games at greatly discounted prices upon and before release.

Also, the price of games drops a lot faster on Steam. Microsoft goes on and on about digital, but they aren't willing to reduce the price of games and they act like they are doing us a favor by keeping games at $60. That is complete bullshit. All they are doing is implementing control without giving us any benefits.

FlyingFoxy2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Of course they won't rise, pretty sure the same was said last gen..

Look at PC games, usually always the same prices for a new title & cheaper than the console version by at least £10.

Mikelarry2045d ago

may not . IT WILL NOT!!! because i am sorry if it does some of these shitty developers should start closing shops now.

cleft52045d ago

$60 is already too much to pay when you look at the quality of free to play games and iPad games that are free to $10. I will pay the $60, but I hardly think that price is fair, especially considering all the dlc in games.

Leio2045d ago

Please dont compare Ipad games with console games. They are much cheaper simply due to the fact that they don't require as much time, resources and manpower to make.

10$ Ipad game in the comparison is a straight rip-off compare to console games which are often at least 10-20 times more costly to make.

cleft52045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

The way they where pushing the iPad tablet at E3 it's clear that they see that as a viable game market. I understand the dislike of the comparison but it is valid. Deus Ex: Downfall looked impressive too and that is an iPad game.

On another note, you could buy Tomb Raider for $45 on PC new before the launch and the price quickly dropped on PC. Also, you could get Bioshock Infinite with three other games for free just for buying it. And Sim City, was $27 on one of the Origin stores before it came out and we all knew the stuff they pulled.

I get the dislike for the comparison but everything else remains valid.

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The story is too old to be commented.