Bonus Round - Microsoft E3 2013 - Making The Grade

GT:Will the used game controversy enough to bring down the Microsoft conference? Bonus Round tells you where it all went wrong.

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Muerte24941954d ago

is a Little Big Planet rip off. Play, Build, Share sounds alot like Play, Create, Share from Media Molecule. This guy praises Microsoft this : "That could be huge...". But fails to realize Sony created this genre in the first place. Modnation Racers does this also.

Like I said before, America's broadband infrastructure isn't there yet for companies to try and push this. It just isn't. There are power outages as energy consumption rises. When NODES become overloaded during peak hours of the day, you don't have internet. It baffles me how a company so closely tied with technology in computers, would be ignorant of this fact.

Godmars2901954d ago

As good as Spark looks, it seems very dependent on a tablet for control.

As far as infrastructure, with it looking like companies aren't actively reinforcing it, shirking their tax responsibility while trying to get a hold of what little we put in, things are going to get worse as far as internet's concerned. .

TheGrimReaper00111954d ago

I actually look really forward to Project Spark!
It seems really fun, but you can look it up.
It'll be free to play, on Xbox one and pc!
I also like TitanFall, but also on pc!
The two games I liked from Xbox will both be on pc, so yea...
Sony, bring out the PS4! I can't wait! =P

Cueil1954d ago

No. Godmars290 the tablet is just another way to interface with the game's programing in the way the PC version will work. The game exist completely in the cloud so a game created on the PC is playable on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One as well.

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MikeMyers1954d ago

Who cares if Media Molecule created this genre first (which I highly doubt they did because there were probably games that allow you to build your own levels before). Sparx brought it to the next level. Sony doesn't own the patent to that genre.

Ryse I'm still not very convinced at. I don't like games with QTE in them and basically run sequences themselves. I think some games are just too easy. Even games like Call of Duty in the past have a very narrow linear world where you're just following a certain path. Uncharted is sort of like that too but I guess that's how you create a certain atmosphere or excitement.

Jason Rubin seemed to be the most intelligent and rational person. He knows Microsoft messed up in their delivery of the system but he sees the potential of what they are trying to do. Too many people on forums are not rational and only react. Like he said, it's not the first million sales that matter but the first 30 million. All of what the Xbox One is doing can change over time. They need to create a environment that the consumer can see benefits in. Whether it's offering cheaper software or why you will always want to be connected online.

They also touch upon the PC market which could be the real winner. It's still the cheapest place for software and also the most indie friendly. Along with the best hardware and free online play.

Muerte24941954d ago

now sales don't matter? But there is still more money to be made in the console market than PCs. While software is up on a steady rise, hardware is on a steady decline. Also don't just suggest that someone might have done it first without providing evidence of it.

"Yeah, these one developers made this game a while go that Media Molecule got LBP from." lol how vague can you be?

You know there were already rumors about games being 6 months behind schedule. Rumors about the CPU being underclocked to prevent overheating due to the ESRAM. Xbox One's has released final specs yet even though you launching before your competitor who has. Now we have irrefutable proof that Microsoft wasn't even using Xbox One devkits at E3. They were using a PC with specs nowhere near Xbox One's.

and No ps4 weren't running on PCs but actual devkits. It states it in the link up as an update to the article via Jonathan Blow and Sucker Punch. Also, the picture below shows the devkit in debug mode.

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MikeMyers1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

So you ask me to provide proof that LBP wasn't the first for that genre yet you want to talk about runors and the Xbox One and ESRAM?

Now it's your turn to provide proof.

There were plenty of games on the PC that touched on modding and creating. LBP just brought it to the mainstream and made a game based solely on that. Minecraft brought things to a whole new level in a 3D space and a much larger environment.

They don't need to give credit to Media Molecule. Should Guerilla give credit to Wolfenstein?

dcbronco1953d ago

Muerte2494 don't let your blind love of Sony make you think Sony invented the world. Pretty soon some of you guys will be saying....on the seventh day, playstation created the...There have been tons of games that allowed gamers to make their own versions or mods. Falcon 4.0 is a computer games from the 90's that was still around a few years ago because the community kept it going long after the developer was gone. Age of Empires allowed you to make additional maps. God games from the 80's allowed for new gameplay or new ways to play. Sony didn't create the world.

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andibandit1954d ago


To be honest, even Lemmings from the 90'ties allowed you to do those things, and I think you're barking up the wrong tree.

Muerte24941954d ago

I dont get whats going on with ms, i refuse to belive that this cascade of bad ideas are all their own thinking, surely publishers most be at the forefront of the used game policy and putting pressure on console manufacturers.... #1.4
1d 13h ago by andibandit | View comment

Doesn't matter what I tell you. Microsoft aren't the ones at fault according to your comment here.

Also No, they developer says and I quote: "There are an infinite number of ways to play, build and share," says McCarthy.

Media Molecule LBP motto "Play, Create, Share"

They literally only changed one damn world and you don't see the correlation between the two? It's not the wrong tree. But like I said based on your own comments... "I refuse to believe.."

andibandit1953d ago


Im still standing strong on my view that MS has made a cascade of bad decisions, what im disagreeing with you about is the part that Spark is a rip off of LBP.
LBP is a sidescrolling platform game whilst Spark is a 3'rd person, tower defense style game.

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from the beach1954d ago

Long way to go but what we do know from E3 is that Xbox One will bring the games.

thehitman1954d ago

MS will have some games but they wont have any launch games, besides multiplatform games. By the time any of their good games that they announced will come out such as titan fall and halo I think they will be too far behind Sony that anyone will care to buy the system for it.

Cueil1954d ago

Dead Rising 3
Forza 5
Killer Instinct
all are exclusives that will be there at launch

thehitman1954d ago

Dead Rising3 looked decent. Forza is a niche crowd so is Killer Insinct. Ryse to me looked bad and boring. None of those titles will really make anyone buy an xbox just for it for 499 especially when the main group of xbox players are First person shooter gamers.

from the beach1954d ago

^ In my opinion that's an awesome, diverse launch lineup which should draw critical acclaim and get a lot of people interested.