Titanfall at E3 2013: What You Didn't See and What You Need to Know | Leviathyn | Titanfall was at the Microsoft and EA press conferences, but the stage demo Respawn had on the E3 floor showcased some more fascinating tidbits.

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blackbeld2005d ago

I love this game.

I'll wait for the PS4 version. It's EA game so it will eventually come to PS4 too.

(time exclusive)

OpieWinston2005d ago

You're assuming that Titanfall isn't part of the EA and Microsoft partnership.

If this gets a lot of sales on X1 then they will keep the contract going on X1/360/PC.

jmac532005d ago

That's true and MS might throw them a money hat but looking at the PS4 pre-order numbers, EA would be stupid to not bring a GOTY edition out after the 1 year is up.


You should watch the behind the scenes of call of duty 2
(Exclusive for the xbox360) back in 2005
Microsoft went to Infinity Ward then Vince Zampella and Jason West to develop a fps.
Seeing the success both parties had
. I called it right when I said Respawns next game was going to be an exclusive for XBOX NEXT