EA’s Peter Moore foresees the death of the ‘death of console’ prediction

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews Peter Moore on EA's best at E3. He says the consoles will live on.

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d_dogg20071951d ago

LOL no you idiot just the death of a Microsoft console! Sony and Nintendo are here to stay because they give back to gamers!

Nafon1951d ago

He doesn't care. Microsoft gave EA a boatload of money for BF4 timed exclusivity. That's all microsoft is doing to survive right now: paying people shitons of money for small exclusive perks, instead of working on their actual console and policies.

THamm1951d ago

What BF4 timed exclusive is it? I thought the Sony DLC comes first

d_dogg20071951d ago

Pretty sad huh? Well its good I hope they disappear from the game industry and let Nintendo and Sony do their thing!