Nintendo: 'We just don't care too much about what other companies are doing'

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said recently that Nintendo doesn't really care about what other companies, like Sony and Microsoft, are doing. They instead focus on making their consoles do things those other consoles can't do.

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-Mika-2005d ago

"They instead focus on making their consoles do things those other consoles can't do"

Those consoles can pretty much do everything the WiiU can. Specifically, the PS4 with a vita.

mrbojingles2005d ago

Clearly they mean their first party games which, since they like, OWN those properties, means no one else can "do" them.

ape0072005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

"Those consoles can pretty much do everything the WiiU can"

yeah yeah, ps4 and Xbox 1 can definately play mario kart 8, DCK TF, zelda WW HD, Smash Bros, Zelda , Mario 3D etc...

yep you're right

come on man, troll better

2pacalypsenow2005d ago

No but we can play BF,MGS,Uncharted,Halo,Gran turismo , forza ,The last of us,Nba,killzone,Grand theft auto, Crysis,Hitman,Splinter cell drive club etc you can't do those on Wii U

Stroke6662005d ago

@2pacal....I wasn't aware xb1 or ps4 had hitman, crisis, or uncharted. was there a secret show at e3 or are you banking on being to pay for them a second time and play them through a cloud IF that will be possible.

Brucis2005d ago

>off TV play
>3D without glasses
>no paid online
>full backwards compatibility
>Nintendo 1st, 2nd, 3rd party exclusives

GG, no re.

2pacalypsenow2005d ago

>Ps4 can stream games into the vita
>3D without glasses that makes you sick after just 10 minutes
>no one plays wii u online so doesn't matter i rather pay and get an online game.
>One advantage
>Sony/Microsft >Nintendo 1st, 2nd, 3rd party exclusives (wii U is loosing all 3rd party support

Sony/MS 4 Nintendo 1

PopRocks3592005d ago

>You need to buy a Vita first. That's over $700 when bought together.
>No it doesn't. That's an outright fabrication.
>Strawman argument. No one plays online because no one has put out any online games worth playing on Wii U.
>Sony has some good exclusives, butMicrosoft only has Halo and I don't many people who care much for Gears anymore.


just-joe2005d ago

Don't forget you can transfer purchase from the Wii to the Wii U. Neither PS4 nor XB1 can do that.

Moonman2005d ago

Why should they care when they are winning every week? LMAO

jairusmonillas2005d ago

You mean selling 36k a month for NA is Winning? if anything PS4 would outsell it 10 to 1 this coming Holiday.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2005d ago

More pre orders for ps4 than wiiU launch I am sure.

Tong2005d ago

"They instead focus on making their consoles do things those other consoles can't do"

Sony and MS cant save peoples electric bills.

Dgander2005d ago

Only thing Vita-PS4 showed it can do is show the same game with exact same footage on a second screen and worse at that. Wii U gamepad adds another dimension but i wouldnt expect anyone who does not own the console to know that.

cooperdnizzle2005d ago

They all ready have a game that lets you play with the vita as a remote and it adds touch and motions controls to the game it is called little big planet. But i wouldn't expect someone who doesn't have a ps3 vita combo to know that. Plus i have a wii U. Only a couple of games add new features other than making the thing a screen for your map. In the new mario game you can't even use the thing unless you are the 4th player.

Dgander2005d ago

@cooperdnizzle I saw that demo and thats what i formed my opinion on. Can you see different fields of view within the game with the Vita screen or is it just a second screen always display the same thing the tv is? Wii U was built for from the ground up to take advantage of those features.

_QQ_2005d ago

No they can't, I didn't realize the Vita came with the PS4.I didn't realize smart glass had analog sticks and buttons...

Stroke6662005d ago

well you can not buy a ps4 go home and have offscreen gameplay without an extra purchase. even if you already own a vita add that to the cost of what you payed for the ps4. Nintendo does it out the box. also its first party line up

SN: I've preordered my ps4 so no i'm neither fanboy nor hater just facts

jcnba282004d ago

Maybe but not half as good as Wii U.

Shnazzyone2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Nothing like a 600 dollar purchase to do what an 300 dollar purchase already does. You gotta dig nintendo. They are all about tinkering with our hobbies in the right way. Which everyone criticizes ignoring the fact that microsoft and sony will always do something like what nintendo does first and praise that decision. D pad, nintendo. Rumble, nintendo. Analog controls for 3d games, nintendo. Motion controls, nintendo. Touch based gameplay, nintendo. Now dual screen console gaming... nintendo

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byeGollum2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Nintendo don't wanna be a part of the "console war". .

t0mmyb0y2005d ago

Didn't they say this with the Wii as well?

just-joe2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

And they mopped the floor with both consoles using old tech.

NameRemoved00172005d ago

The other consoles can run anything the wii u can run, nothing special about the wii u.

_QQ_2005d ago

My PC can run anything other consoles can run, nothing special about the other consoles.

Pyro2000x2005d ago

You PC has 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM and it only cost you $400 to make?

_QQ_2004d ago

16gb ddr3 and my gpu comes with 4GB it won't freeze playing AC4...and i don't have to pay more than the price of my internet for online,but if money is the issue, why bring up ps4 vs wiiu, PS4 is 500$ after tax/online, and wiiu basic is 330$after tax.learn that its not about specs, because that will never be consoles strong point.

Shnazzyone2004d ago

Nothing special other than Nintendo developing high grade HD games is all. Played MK8 at best buy today, 60 fps, crystal clear graphics. Freaking beautiful. The drifting works great too even with motion controls. I was surprised.

Hozi2005d ago

They are happy with the fanbase they have it seems...they wanna just stay right where they are and feel safe.

TongkatAli2005d ago

They gotta come out of the closet. John Travolta: Omg I feel so safe in here, omg.

camel_toad2005d ago

They definitely play it safe these days but they make money doing it, like Activision with Call of Duty

I can't help but think Miyamoto might feel creatively suppressed.

Number-Nine2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

We know Nintendo.

When Sony used discs for the ps1, you still used cartridges for the n64.
When you finally went to discs, you opted for mini discs.
When gaming was evolving it's online functionality, you chose not to.
When gaming switched to HD gaming, you stuck with SD.
When you finally game out with an HD machine, the other companies are gearing up for really powerful ones.
When handhelds should have 2 analog sticks, you stuck with 1.

and so on...

NameRemoved00172005d ago

Nintendo is always a generation behind but atleast their pricing is good.

Knushwood Butt2005d ago

Wii U is an incredibly hard sell.

NameRemoved00172005d ago

Now theres new consoles out a price cut is about to hit.

Ricdog2005d ago

Other than the mini disc thing, the GameCube was a beast of a system. That thing was powerful for its time.

If Nintendo came out with a Gamecube 2 right now, spec wise it would be just as powerful (if not more) than the ps4 or xbox one.

Thepcz2005d ago

cartridges were actually beneficial in some ways- no loading times. practically impossible to pirate etc

the mini disc wasnt impaired by data size, so the size was merely aesthetic.

not everyone had access to internet. nintendo only jumped aboard when it was actually the norm for 'most' people to even be able to access the net at the speeds acceptable for playing/downloading games.

same with hd- not everyone had a hd set. nintendo jumped aboard that bandwagon when hd sets were the norm.

power isnt everything. its a global recession remember.

see how easy it is to be positive, instead of putting a negative spin on everything.

yes, nintendo were late adopters of some cutting edge technology, yes they were cautious and not so forward thinking with some aspects of the tech.

but what you conveniently left out were all the cutting edge innovations that nintendo ushered in that the other companies didnt adopt until later.

nintendo have been at the cutting edge before the playstation was even a scribble in a sketchbook.

mcstorm2005d ago

Could not of put that better my self. For me I am loving the Wiiu at the moment it has some great games I can't wait for the new dk and Mario games I am also looking forward to the new sonic game.

I have grown tired of the shooters that seem to dominate the current gen and im enjoying that time away from it on the Wiiu at the moment.

I still can't wait to get a Xbox one because of forza 5 but I am glad Nintendo are not trying to do what everyone else is doing as it gives you a reason to own a Wiiu as well as a Xbox one or ps4 because back when the game cube ps2 and Xbox were out they were more or less offering the same experiences where now we get different ones so the winner is the customer in the end.

Number-Nine2005d ago

what i said was merely to show how nintendos quote rings true and not to put a "negative spin" on it. they have shown that they dont care what other companies are doing.

nice try though.