Reach for the Sky: Xbox One teams up with NASA

The Xbox One has been receiving some of the world's worst press. Granted, consumers have a right to voice their discontent for the new policies, we forget some of the good things that are also coming from the Xbox One. During yesterday's June 13, E3 event, Microsoft showcased a tech-demo for a project in conjunction with NASA.

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xHeavYx1952d ago

I bet they'll come out with a Kinect game where you are a NASA worker

JoGam1952d ago

I was on my Yacht in Playstation Home watching the Shuttle Launch.

darthv721952d ago

there is already one where you control the mars rover.

Mounce1952d ago

It's unfortunate that astronauts at NASA won't be able to play Xbox One games in space - who knows if they'd be able to get the 24 hour check-in.

HammadTheBeast1952d ago

"You know what? If you can't be connected, we have a product for that, the Xbox 360"


FamilyGuy1952d ago

I'd imagine that satellite internet connections would be beastly while in space. Not to mention the fact that shuttles/astronauts have to have some form of connection to us on the ground so it would be odd if they didn't have the best internet connection in (off planet actually) the world.

Regardless, the PS4 is a more powerful system so it would outclass Xbox One's test results (Cloud computing withstanding).

dcbronco1952d ago

I'm pretty sure ISS has Internet of some kind. We know they have Skype. Bet it's cross vehicle too.

malokevi1950d ago

""This is how the cloud will change the gaming experience," Henshaw says. "If a developer wants to do really crazy stuff we can see how he can map and compute 330,000 asteroids in real-time via global cloud computing. There are 500,000 updates per second from the cloud to Xbox One. Developers tell us this is a miracle for them. Even the highest of highest PCs could not do all of this at once, it really takes global cloud computing resources.""

MS and Samsung have teamed up to create an unparalleled cloud service (Azure). MS and NASA have teamed up to demonstrate how the cloud can be leveraged by the Xbox One to preform operations that are impossible by any other standard.

This stuff is proof-of-concept, whether or not people are ready to admit it. Already, Titanfall leverages the cloud to preform certain calculations (as stated by Respawn rep).

It only gets better. MS said at the very beginning that the Xbox One was designed for longevity... and I believe them.

Massive cloud service, (basically) all-digital platform, standardized motion input, multi-functionality, awesome digital sharing policies... complete with unparalleled investment in games.

From where I'm standing, the future is bright for Microsoft's new console.

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Gimmemorebubblez1952d ago

This is Ken Kuturagi's CELL grid computing and Folding at home all over again except its MS doing it this time.

IcicleTrepan1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

distributed computing and cloud computing are two different things. similar but different. And PCs have been doing it for years prior to the PS3, it's nothing special, any device can do it as long as the software is available for it and it has an internet connection. Even can do it on your android smartphone.

Gimmemorebubblez1952d ago

I know but its the same sort of promises. Ken said that graphical tasks could be off loaded to other devices in your home with CELL processors in them.

faysal1952d ago

"devolopers say its is a miracle"? the only miracle i see here is they even getting devolopers to devolop for the xbox..

OrionNoctis1952d ago Show
corywebb931952d ago

Amazing. Microsoft is gonna revolutionise gaming forever with this. Microsoft has done it again just like when they created windows when they changed the world forever.There gonna do it again with the xbox 1 for uss true gamers.

I can't wait until i reach for the sky when the xbox one arrives and get all this amazing aaa games like halo, and titanfall and amazing features on my xbox one being able to turn it of just by talking to it .

Xbox 1 home of the real gamers

OrionNoctis1952d ago

Absolutely love your sarcasm!!!

xHeavYx1952d ago

It's called delusional, not sarcastic

xtremexx1952d ago

its really sad that the comment wasn't sarcastic, that was aaa sarcasm right there, you might have even gotten an award, but the fact that you are actually being honest... *facepalm*

Temporary1952d ago

I imagine you were crying while typing this, forcing a smile onto your face.

Yes, home of the gamers indeed.

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