No Wii U Price Drop Ignores Reality

Nintendo can be as kooky as it wants with Mario, but it shouldn’t remain cuckoo about the Wii U’s price. According to an interview with Nintendo executive Scott Moffitt in VentureBeat, Nintendo is not planning to lower the price of the Wii U. A real shame. Nintendo could have capitalized on the stupid energy it created at E3 with a $50 price drop to go along with Cat Mario and Mario Kart As F-Zero and Wipeout.

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Moonman1978d ago

I'm thinking Nintendo will make both a white and black model with 32GB for $299 (no game in box). It's like a price cut with no price

Relientk771978d ago

So its a 'loophole' price cut lol

blackbeld1978d ago

That is crazy.

I am sure Nintendo will drop the price this holiday when the PS4 is out.

Moonman1978d ago

Kind of but it makes sense. Being $100 cheaper than Sony is a must. And $200 cheaper than the

LOL_WUT1978d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

I was waiting for a price cut to buy a wii U but it never happened so I decided to buy one anyway the eShop is pretty bad and Mii verse is not what people are making it out to be. ;)

Can't believe Nintendo passed up on this big opportunity it's like they don't like money

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1978d ago

wiiU is a rip off then.

$50 more gets u 500gb HDD, 8gb grrd5, blu ray player, better gpu/cpu and cloud service.

WiiU is a 2012 system made for 2014 gamers cuz that's when the big guns supposed to come out.

Brucis1978d ago

Not if you want Wii U exclusives it's not. If all you want are multiplats then yes, but you might as well get a PC if only multiplats interest you. If you want PS4 exclusives then get the PS4. Exclusives are what sells consoles.

andrewer1978d ago

@Brucis lol you said it all at once, they can't take it haha

zeroskie1978d ago

@Brucis, I'd love to get a Wii U, but not at this price. They can't keep charging this much if they want to get more of the frugal, value-oriented gamers out there.

I totally agree with what you say about exclusives, and nintendo has some great ones, but it's just not worth it to me yet to buy an entire console for the three games I wan to play: X, Bayonetta2 and Smash.

Buying a PC is a huge leap that's 600 minimum and can get up to 3000 if you're serious, not even in the same ballpark. I'm betting a lot of other gamers will think the same thing and either choose the PS4 or the X1.

ziratul1977d ago

for $50 more you can't play Mario Kart, Zelda Wind Waker, Donkey Kong, Mario 3D land and Wii Games.

Cuzzo631977d ago

WiiU exclusives? Really! Yea for my 2 sons. Mario is not a hardcore game lol. And These are multiplats that the WiiU will never see. Lol. I would gladly take Watchdogs and The Division over the same rehashed reskinned games of the past 100 years lol. Nitendo is so hung up on mario u would think they would come up with something new. As for exclusives, Killzone SF hell I would even throw in knack. Titanfall for XB1 looks nice... I mean would you really play mario over infamous ss. . ... ...... .............. No u wouldnt. I love The Big N but seriously the Wii has brainwashed these old farts. Look at XB1... You do good one generation after being almost irrelevant and ya go and get the bighead. Tho the loyalist are gonna support them forever. The hardcore wont. What would N look like today if the woulda made that deal work with Sony. I always wondered.

Wolfbiker1977d ago


i couldnt disagree with everything you just said more...

first of all,...

1.)"Mario is not a hardcore game" - how isnt it? because its colorful? because you probably couldnt beat one? because there isnt blood? do you even know what 'hardcore' is?

2.)"These are multiplats that the WiiU will never see. Lol. I would gladly take Watchdogs and The Division over the same rehashed reskinned games of the past 100 years lol." - this sentance proves how immature, ignorant and irrational you are...Watch Dogs is coming to Wii U and Nintendo has very nicely progressed their historic franchises nicely in their 100 years...-_-

3.)"As for exclusives, Killzone SF hell I would even throw in knack. Titanfall for XB1 looks nice" - Killzone looks like....Killzone, how is that any differnet than a Mario game looking like a Mario game?

You really need to open your eyes and quit wishing for Nintendo to be something they're not. They will never make a God of War or The Last of US because that is not who they are! But what they do do is make some of the best games in the industry.

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herbs1978d ago

The 8gb model should have never existed it is simply a cash grab for Nintendo. They will make the 32g model available in Black and White for $299 this winter and if they don't there sales will tank even harder.

InTheLab1978d ago

It's easier to bundle and not look like you're panicking than doing a price drop on hardware. You also don't wont to rattle early adopters. Remember the 3DS?

Brasi19891978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I bet a price drop will happen in Fall. I don't think that would be something they would want to announce tho. "Hey don't buy your WiiU just yet 'cause we're going to drop the price later this year!" That would really see WiiU's fly off the shelf until then. /s

greenlantern28141977d ago

nintendo said hey if you want to play nintendo games you have to get a wii u, not true i can just play them on the 3ds. if you want people to buy your system but you dont want to drop the price increase the hd i mean 32gb is a joke you cant even give me 250gb come on.

n4f1977d ago

how poor can you be to not even buy a external hdd
are you serious?! you basically can put a 2tb hdd on that. you you are going complain about: "oh how comes i can't have a 250gb."
do you know gb cost money?

did you really them to put the wiiu at 400-450 bucks so you cant be happy?

greenlantern28141977d ago

@n4f so there console coast as much or more than a ps4 for a system that is not as powerful as a ps3 since your suggest to just by an external hd. so be happy with your inferior nintendo crap and try to keep justifying them, but you and nintendo will see when they get crushed by ps4

Wolfbiker1977d ago

i agree but i do think they will pack a game in the box....they may even go to $269.99

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Lovable1978d ago

Screw reality! I do wha I wanttt!!!

Donnieboi1978d ago

I was hoping for a price drop this xmas season :(. Something in the avenue of $250 and up. Too low?

PopRocks3591978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

$250 maybe for the 8GB model if they continue it. I can't imagine the 32GB model being sold for anything less than $300 right now.

Look on the bright side, PS4 should have a lot of content from the get-go, so it will definitely hold you over until you can save up for a Wii U later on.

EDIT: Assuming of course if you would still want one of by then. :p

Doctoglethorpe1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Cause a 24gb HDD is worth $50. Yup.

I'll buy this when its $200 or less. Maybe. Its basically just for nintendo's first party games and nothing more, not even multimedia, so its just not worth more then that to me. Even that is being generous if you ask me. There's no way the technology in this thing is that expensive.

Donnieboi1978d ago

Thanks man, that makes more sense. I don't wanna get a used one because I want the sale to count towards Nintendo. Hopefully some retailers will have the 8gb by christmas. I have an external HDD already that I use to make music and store it, so I can empty that onto a cloud service like drop-box and use the external HDD for my Wii U.

PopRocks3591978d ago


Yeah, because multimedia is SO essential to gaming. That's why the Xbox One reveal was such a roaring success, right?

"There's no way the technology in this thing is that expensive."

Right. I'm sure you know more about that than Nintendo. /s


That's not a bad strategy at all! Bummer that you can't get the black model, but hey, you can go for worse lol (that and you're not forced to own Nintendo Land). Just make sure it's not a Seagate HDD. My 1TB Seagate HDD is not even half a year old and it's already died on me. :p

truechainz1978d ago


if you are referring to the difference between bundles, then you do realize the 32 model comes with a $50 game, roughly $25 worth of accessories, and digital purchase discounts right?

if not then ignore that comment

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FateoftheGame1978d ago

Donnie, $250 sounds a little low for the Deluxe bundle. It sounds like a better price for the Basic bundle, assuming Nintendo keeps the thing on the market.

Also, dudes and dudettes, feel free to comment at about this and other things. I'm seeing some good points here.

Donnieboi1978d ago

Thanks for explaining it too.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1978d ago

It doesn't need a price drop. It's already $100 cheaper than the PS4 & $200 cheaper than the Xbox One.

Starbucks_Fan1978d ago

Yeah for the 8GB, which is nothing compare to 500GB.

truechainz1978d ago

why do people keep referring the the HDD only when talking about price like it is the only thing in the console that costs money?

(this is a sincere question)

Cuzzo631975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

How much do u think a 8gb hard drive costs... compared to the ps4 and 3 I think its a lil over priced now... I would assume the cpu and grafics card in the ps4 cost more than the whole wiiu system

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