EA wants balance in war between Sony and Microsoft

PG:According to EA chief operating office Peter Moore, an overly dominant first-party power would be "terrible news for the industry". For EA, it's not enough that many consoles are bought and sold, they need to come from more than one company. Rivalry between Sony, Microsoft and (to a lesser extent) Nintendo confers power to its own

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Godmars2901977d ago

Should be more than clear as this point that that's not going to happen. And why from a consumer perspective.

And I hate that from the way things look the only way MS can play things is to force them in their favor.

NatureOfLogic1977d ago

EA wants us to bend over for MS policies. I'm not surprised at all. They've shown MS major support for a reason. I believe they had a say in MS's DRM policies, even if they keep saying other wise.

JoGam1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

No. EA wants balance because they just gave exclusive content and has all these exclusive deals with MS that no one cares about because MS can't get their business model together. Peter Moore is really saying MS match Sony's plan or Sony match MS plan. Dont give the consumer choices. Smh

Enemy1977d ago

EA defending Microsoft because Microsoft bought a 1 year EA partnership with Titanfall. Surprise surprise.

Nevers1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

The situation as it stands is actually a result of the competition between MS and Sony. So, yes, competition is good. I'll agree to that. But, I'm not going to force myself to purchase something so anti-consumer just cuz some rich guy told me to do so, lol.

bviperz1977d ago

No thanks EA, DRM on the PC is enough for me. I'll stick to the PS4 for my console fix.

HammadTheBeast1977d ago

Or its just an excuse to stop taking advantage of the PS4's increased power and making simple ports.

morganfell1977d ago

EA doesn't want a single company out front even though they want to be the single company out front.

They can't really give a solid reason why it would be bad. When the PS2 was wiping the floor with everyone Sony still continued to push and innovate. They never sat on their laurels.

Multiple competitors in a field being better for consumers is often a lie and this is one case. If one platform were more the focus developers could allocate more resources to that system and push it further.

There would also be none of these moronic attempts to provide parity on versions.

t0mmyb0y1977d ago

Funny that so far, not a single comment above me has any disagrees.

indysurfn1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

The fact that EA wants it tells you they are kissing their paychecks butt.

They want Microsoft to be successful with killing used games.

And allowing them to force you online to play games, sims anyone?
Please look at this chart, it tells you where the xboxone, and ps4 will be available at launch.

I wonder looking at this chart, Is Microsoft racist?'

Every one of these places have Mostly whites in it! Not one Asian, middle eastern, African country.

Heck even the one south American country that it will launch in has more whites than other colors!

Or maybe this is this just a world war III dividing line?

Maybe it is just a plain old, this is where we think we have blind loyal sheep that will defend giving up their rights to us line!
Just saying! if there is no world war come next year, it was obviously the last one (and a exercise!)

Heartnet1976d ago

Mmmm They do need balance for 1 simple reason.. Competiton...

if Microsoft is forced o uto f the game early sony will start getting lazy and cutting corners.

Do you think for one second if this gen Sony was ahead and Ms behind that Sony will still stand for used game policys and non drm?

morganfell1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Really Heartnet?

I will reiterate what I said above. When the PS2 was crushing everyone did Sony cut corners and get lazy? No.

Competition isn't always good. it's a great misbelief of industry.

In this case so many companies like EA kill competition by producing a version for two consoles that has no competition. It's as even as they can make it because that is their goal - to make those versions even. Not to push each console to the limits and compete letting the chips fall where they may.

Companies like EA do not believe in a competition that benefits gamers. It's about nullifying such in favor of sales.

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StanSmith1977d ago

This is coming from the company who have decided not to support Wii U!

Do one EA! It's obvious you and MS are in bed with each other (again).

But, hey, you'll go back to being Sony supporters once you see the $$. Just like last gen.

Thatguy-3101977d ago

Don't know what the guy is talking about. Gaming was at it's heights when Sony dominated the console era. Ps1/ps2 generation was amazing. It was until this gen when we started seeing a lot of fanboyism/bias assaults.

Godmars2901977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Know this is going to piss off the "PC Master Race" but things started to go downhill when they and PC devs came looking for the PC experience on consoles. That's when FPS started to take over and it became all about textures and graphics.

indysurfn1977d ago

and in fact EA bragged about not supporting the dreamcast strongly, they claimed that they decided who won the war. Looks like EA is getting a dose of reality!

1976d ago
rainslacker1976d ago

I suppose if EA wants to give everybody that buys a PS4 a free Xbox One, and vice verse, it could keep things more fair.

Otherwise, it's not really up to them to suggest it's our responsibility to do so.

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Rikitatsu1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

The PS1 and PS2 eras disagrees with you.

blackbeld1977d ago


EA tries to defend M$oft so they get more money from DRM sh1t.

PS1 and PS2 days were great for gamers. Playstation brand makes EA big and now they talk bulsh1t.

Rikitatsu1977d ago

Not just for gamers, but for developers as well.

blackbeld1977d ago

Yep developers too. I forgot to mention it.

EA back in those days they were not big and now they are full of Sh1t.

dcbronco1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )


One and PS4 are great days for developers and by extension gamers. Sony never cared how hard a console was to develop for until this generation. I'm sure every developer thanks MS and Nintendo for that. There's more to everything than the gamers perspective. Suddenly it's important to know what the developers think should go in a console.

-Mika-1977d ago

And look at the beginning of the PS3 life cycle. Sony got too cocky and they ended screwing us gamers and developers. I agree with EA that their need ti be atleast two big companies competing with each other. It better for the gaming industry. Look at all the innovative features MS bought to the gaming industry. They really changed the way us console players play online.

Dir_en_grey1977d ago

" Look at all the innovative features MS bought to the gaming industry. They really changed the way us console players play online."

Yeah by forcing everybody to have to pay for online now, good job M$, that's about the only thing they did for the industry this gen.
Oh I forgot and they also created a bunch of brainless drones like yourself.

And why the hell do you still have 3 bubbles it should be down to one already

BlackTar1871977d ago

Giving MS credit for the current Online MP set up on consoles is a joke. This is the evolutionary steps for online play. This would happen no matter what in regards to being popular and requiring a lot of money. How people don't see hat is beyond me.

Like bill Clinton claiming economy boom because he happen to be office when the internet blew up.

No matter who was in office they would have gotten the Internet bubble. And yes they all and their followers would claim ownership of something that was inevitable.

Army_of_Darkness1977d ago

I didn't feel screwed when I got a ps3? I was excited and jumping for joy. sure their game library was slow in the beginning, but look at them now. Basically what I'm saying is that my investment 6 years ago paid off :-D

But I agree with you on one point. Competition is Good. MS took away the arrogance of Sony and now they are a much better consumer friendly company for gamers especially.
MS however is practically doing exactly what Sony's ps3 did earlier this gen, but much worst.

Mr_Nuts1977d ago

I liked things better back then, back then you had exclusives for both Sony and Nintendo that fit the platform, company and audiences....not what was going to sell more especially when you try to change your franchise, RE for example to target the Xbox COD crowd.

You could have RE, FF, GTA etc for Sony and games like Super Monkey Ball, Tales of Symphona, Ikaruga, Skies of Arcadia etc for Nintendo.

rainslacker1976d ago

Actually, he's not wrong on that, "for the industry". If there is one dominant power in the console market, it gives that console maker too much control, which is bad for the publishers.

When Nintendo reigned supreme in the NES days, many devs and pubs hated their policies. It's why Sega was able to steal away a lot of support, because they were more open. Typically though this doesn't really effect gamers though, as publishers still want to go where the consumer is.

It's hard to say if Sony gained a landslide "victory" next gen if they would become asshats...but generally their developer relations were usually pretty good...which is how they gained dominance in the first place during the PS1/PS2 days.

There are benefits to a dominate console for the gamer however, as evidenced by the PS1/PS2 days.

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xc7x1977d ago

why don't EA take their own medicine,balance out Battlefields so one isn't dominant over the other ;-)

Bad Company 3 should of been out before BF4

BlackTar1871977d ago

imo bad companies can take a back seat prefer the bf1942,bf2,bf2142 and bf3 over bad companies

xc7x1977d ago

well if BF3 was as good as predecessors i would maybe agree but Bad Company 2 was a better Battlefield than BF3.

BlackTar1871977d ago

okay that's fine. But Bf1942,Bf2, Bf2142 are all better then any bad company

wishingW3L1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

the best gens were dominated by one console but now they want sales to be more balanced so they can accept bribes for exclusive DLC and stuff while losing nothing. If the PS4 sells like crazy and XB1 ends up being a flop that Battlefield 4 exclusive DLC will be a total fail for them because nobody's gonna buy it. ;)

maniacmayhem1977d ago

What about Nintendo! They're in this War too!

xc7x1977d ago

uh oh,EA has to revise all over,doh!!

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