Xbox One Kills GameStop Profits. Will GameStop Quit Business With Microsoft?

Playstation 4 is continuing to gain support from gamers across the country while Xbox One might be in peril with one of the gaming community's biggest players, GameStop - not allowing the sale of used games could reduce profits for the gamer giant.

"Last week, Microsoft said it won't automatically block replay of used games on Xbox One, or take a cut of used-game sales, but would instead let publishers such as Electronic Arts Inc.  and Activision Blizzard Inc. decide whether a title could be resold and whether to charge retailers a reactivation fee," read an article published by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

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Nafon1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

ehh, not that funny or relevant lol

blitz06231954d ago

Meh, seeing as most people will get a PS4 Gamestop should be fine

abzdine1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I think it's more the Xbox brand which is in big trouble because it's true that Gamestop will lose money but the situation would go back to normal for them after everyone has purchased a PS4 and most games will release on it just like PS2 and dreamcast. Sorry guys I took example of dreamcast but no way I will dare to compare it to the Xbox garbage.

Greatness awaits

DarkHeroZX1954d ago

Lol after reading this article all its stating is what I already called days ago. I already knew in allowing publishers to take a cut in the used game market it would either reduce trade in value for Xbox one titles or increase the price for a used game. Think about it, if GS gives you $30 for a game and they resell it at $54 the company will be lucky to even bring in $20. that $24 they get for a used game is their profit. But if publishers let's say take half of what GS brings in than you best believe only the consumer is going to be getting burned.

3-4-51954d ago

Those publishers who do choose that, will be lumped in with Microsoft as "the bad guys" and it will only hurt their rep and pockets.

Publisher's would be wise to listen to the response the PEOPLE gave XB1.....we weren't to pleased.

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Vames1954d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing Gamestop go out of business. They fuck the consumer on a regular basis, so the way I see it, if you want to sell your used games higher than $5, get Xbox One, if you want Gamestop to fuck you over all the time, get PS4.

TesMgsFan1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Gamestop will change ! (I hope) ;)

Dno1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

with ps4 I can trade my games to a store that gives me more then what M$ gives you for used games and currently that is zero.

I can go on Ebay and sell a game for 40 bucks the day it releases and get a huge chunk of my money back on ps4. you cannot do that with xbox. Even if I want to get a game and then sell it to a friend I can't do that with xbox. What if I don't want to buy a game I just want to use gamefly or rent one? I can't do that with xbox.

Make no mistake. you go with xbox you don't trade anything. You go with ps4 you can sell for w/e you want. Your comment does not make sense. Gamestop is not the only place to sell things.

RiPPn1954d ago

GameStop is a problem, but Xbox One is hardly the answer. In fact since Microsoft is only letting authorized retailers handle reselling of games it actually benefits GameStop in the short term since it eliminates private selling like ebay, amazon, craigslist etc. And this is one of my many problems with the Xbox One.

What Microsoft should do is put up their own electronic storefront within the Xbox ecosystem where people can buy, sell. and trade licenses. It would take a lot of anxiety off people feeling like they are dumping money into a black hole.

Nafon1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I brought in a brand new unopened game that i got as a gift (I had already bought it myself) and they offered me $10 for it... I brought it to target (over 100 miles from the target it was purchased in) and was able to get full price back (i got the receipt with the game).

I hate gamestop lol... I only go there to preorder.

EDIT: although, i don't agree with this: "so the way I see it, if you want to sell your used games higher than $5, get Xbox One, if you want Gamestop to fuck you over all the time, get PS4."

NateCole1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Hate Gamestop and other game retailers all you want but Gamestop have shareholders and employees that they are responsible to/for.

Fact is MS new policies divert part of the current revenue stream from the pockets of game retailers and consumers to MS and publishers. What did you expect game retailers and consumers to do?. Love bending over to MS and publisher?.

If you like bending over for MS then buy an X1. I am buying a PS4 because it better for me as a consumer and to support Sony. If gamestop is a secondary beneficiary then so be it. I do what is best for me first.

ShwankyShpanky1954d ago

Um... okay... so if people want to "sell their used games higher than $5," they should select the console that forces them to use "authorized/participating retailers" (eg GameStop).

But if they want GameStop to "f**k them over all the time," they should select the console that lets them sell at their own price via Amazon/eBay/Craigslist/whereve r they want?


spacetoilet1954d ago

I agree 100%.
I'm not an Xbox guy and have had a ps3 since day one, have been on here since before it launched which is longer than the idiots who voted you down have..
Anyway you are correct sir. GAMESTOP not only ripped gamers off for years but systematically destroyed every independent small game business in most cities in the US.

(Btw I'm agreeing with the sentiment about GAMESTOP not XBONE)

OverdosedWitDopeness1954d ago

Lol this troll trynna take a shot at ps4 on pure bias.yeah I hate GameStop to so i sell all my games over Craigslist and make way more that way.its only good to buy from GameStop, not sell to them.

BlackTar1871954d ago

i just traded in Farcry 3 two weeks ago for like $20

Yes they do rip you off but MS isn't going to pay some higgh price on 2yr old used games. I mean you can't believe that can you?

frelyler1954d ago

Why can't I just sell my game myself? No need to involve MS or their restrictions at all. I'm sick of people being okay with what MS is doing. If I buy a car, shirt, movie, CD, shoes, tires, TV or hell anything I can then resell it to whomever I want for however much I want. Why are video games different, the simple answer is they are not. The video game industry is making more money than they ever have. I read a great article about over inflated budgets and the inability of game companies to properly manage their time and money. Basically, because video game companies don't run themselves efficiently enough they try and lay the blame at consumers feet. It's wrong and it sets a dangerous precedent and anyone that is okay with it needs lessons in logic.

jonli11954d ago

i applaud you that riht how many times gamestop screw the customer especially when u buy a new game and it's new what kind crap is that. gamestop did their dirt themselves

BABY-JEDI1954d ago

Vames, you are a genius.

Hicken1954d ago

And your sarcasm is world-class.

2pacalypsenow1954d ago

How do the screw gamers over? they set a price that they offer you can take it or leave it.. You have other options (craigslist,Ebay friends etc..)

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SITH1954d ago

When GameStop explains how a game I bought cost $60 a full price, and the trade in nets me $5-$10, but they sell it for $40 I will give a damn.

Gigaguy7771954d ago

So they can continue to run their stores, if they didn't do that, they wouldn't exist anymore. Selling new games nets Gamestop minimal profits, if any.

Anon19741954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Gamestop is a problem like used car lots are to new car lots. Personally, I have no issue with Gamestop. Selling games was a hassle I just had no interest with before and Gamestop offered me a convenient way to get something for my games once I was done with them. The key word there is convenience. Used games are just a scapegoat, just like game rentals were once the boogeyman.

This wouldn't be the first time Microsoft and Gamestop/EBGames butted heads. Remember when they had $10 million in returned and defective Xbox 360's in Australia that Microsoft refused to take back? For awhile anyway, they stopped stocking the console in their stores and were refusing trade ins. Then they were working with MS on extended warranties which MS ditched them on, leaving Gamestop to simply eat it.

There's no love lost between those two companies.

TOSgamer1954d ago

Yeah because Gamestop doesn't have to store the crap you trade-in and pay rent or their employees right?

SITH1954d ago

Oh of course, because before Xbox one that was not possible. Right got it. S/c

TOSgamer1954d ago

WTF are you talking about? You wanted an answer to why you get $10 and they sell for $40. I gave it to you. Da hell that have to do with Xbox one? Lay off the drugs son. That stuff will F U up.

SITH1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Oh hello GameStop. How are you. Did not know you were on Now it is all clear. TOSgamer is actually GameStop everyone. Fascinating.

NateCole1954d ago

You do know that setting up a retail store and hiring people and whatnot is expensive right?.

Setup your own store and resell used games for $10 markup and you will be out of business before you know it.

BlackTar1871954d ago

I trade in games all the time and as long as they are within a year i get more then $5-$10 dollars. bit over exaggeration.

If you expect liek $20 for a 2 year old game you are setting yourself up.

If you think M$ will give you high value on super old games then you are also probably setting yourself up. But i dunno the xbox prices yet so i can't say for sure.

Is MS gonna give you $15 for a 2 yr old annual release game like madden or sports games in general?

christheredhead1954d ago

I'm not defending Gamestop, cause as a consumer you have the right to take your business elsewhere, but I don't think you understand how general business works. Its actually very simple, without Gamestop having to explain it.

Hicken1954d ago

Put simply: GameStop can't survive otherwise. The money they make on new games and consoles is literally less than $5 per.

They could give you more trade-in value- and, honestly, I wish they would- but that kills the revenue from their biggest source of income.

TOSgamer1951d ago

Someone doesn't have to be Gamestop to answer your idiotic, childlike question. Its called overhead in business. Google it and learn. I suggest you keeping going to school and maybe some day you may not be so ignorant that people laugh at you every time you open your mouth.

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Mikelarry1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

i bet gamestop will side with sony and do everything within their powers to advertise the ps4 as the better console

RiPPn1954d ago

That's a lot of free marketing for Sony.

rainslacker1954d ago

Ohhh...I have no doubt whatsoever MS is going to be paying GS to advertise their console in some way. They'll also pay Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

Doesn't mean the employees at the store level will push it though. In fact I have a feeling after the first week when people come in and start harassing the employees over MS policies, which GS employees have no control over, the pushing of X1 in-store will fall real quick, or the employees will be much more willing to inform the buyer over the policies MS is enforcing.

I can't count how many times I've gone into a store and seen people berate the employees over the trade-in price like they had some control over it. All the while these guys making less than $8/hr sitting there trying to be polite saying "we have no control over it". It really isn't like that commercial where the one guy freaks out and the employees are sitting there with a smug grin on their face.

wynams1954d ago

I get the Gamestop hate, hell ... all the big corps that came in and shut down the mom and pops should die (walmart, guitar center, etc.) ... BUT

What MS is presenting is a war on console gamers in the interest of their own profits.

Kudos to anyone involved in the demise of MS!

RiPPn1954d ago

Microsoft declared war on consumers and retailers while trying to benefit themselves and publishers.

It's going to be interesting to see how it plays out, retailers can put the Xbox One in the back of the store while putting huge sections of playstation accessories and games on full display. Employees can help push undecided people to the playstation camp. And customers can chose not to buy it.

On the other hand Microsoft will probably advertise like crazy and publishers may give the Microsoft platform benefits like DLC included editions or a reduced price point to entice people over.

It is really going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

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