Microsoft vs. Sony- E3 Coverage

Tech Heads writes: Microsoft was already fighting an uphill battle after angering many longtime fans with its restrictive DRM policies and requirement to have an internet connection to operate its device, but as Phil Spencer had promised to “kill Sony” at this year’s conference, I went in cautiously optimistic. Never before have I seen a manufacturer give such a thrashing to its competition at the biggest stage in gaming, and the thrashing sure didn’t come from Microsoft.

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PerryCaravello2004d ago

It is interesting watching the massive tidal wave of backlash. I just wonder if it will affect sales in the long run.

It's all playing into Sony hand, Sony just has to react to whatever dumb thing microsoft says. Strategically sony has positioned themselves well.

KarrBOMB2004d ago

It's hard not to have the upper hand in this. M$ has literally destroyed a long time fan base. I have both the 360 and PS3, I spend more time on my 360 currently though. In the future, I'm not even touching the Xbox. I know many are doing this same exact thing. Seriously what exclusives does M$ have that would require me to have the Xbox? Halo is not that good any more, Gears of War is a good game, but I don't play online, so owning the system to play through the campaign is not even a temptation for me. Fable is a great game, but again it's not such a strong exclusive that I have to have the system.

Sony on the other hand has Uncharted and Infamous. Uncharted alone is by far the best exclusive title in this generation of consoles. I know people from ages 8 to 60 that just absolutely love that game, me included. I also play a ton of cross platform games like COD, so the PS4 will suit me absolutely great and M$ is saving me money by making sure I'm not tempted to get their system.

GamingAngelGabriel2004d ago

I still personally love Halo, but Sony really ate Microsoft's lunch in terms of the number of exclusives this generation.

KarrBOMB2004d ago

Yeah I stopped enjoying Halo after the 2nd one. 3 was just weird and didn't feel like Halo to me any longer. Halo Reach was just worthless online, the story was just ok at best. I prefer more accurate battles with modern weapons, so insert any military shooter into that statement and that's what I prefer for an online FPS.

Halo 1 was the epitome of multiplayer battles, obviously it required linking multiple Xbox's together, but the maps were perfect as were the weapons. Halo 2 was fun even though they removed the pistol, but it just went downhill from there. It's funny because every single friend that use to join in the weekend Halo 1 battles, has the exact same perspective on the Halo franchise as I do.

mirroredge2004d ago

Ms list of games in e3 was much better then ps4 so its very easy decision me for which console i need to choose -- xbox one

Thefreeman0122004d ago

My big concern about the Xbox one is the fact that MS used a computer to do its e3 demos .. so either the game isn't as polished as they say it is or its just not ready..

nosferatuzodd2004d ago

all those games are time exclusive you just wait and see

pain777pas2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Sony is in a power position because they are known for games. Their studios are liked to loved by the core now. They really can't lose. Naughty dog and Bungie on the same console is massive.

GamingAngelGabriel2004d ago

They'll do well. Microsoft still has a chance if they can prove to gamers why the online policy is a positive. It'll be tough as hell, though.