Nintendo’s Iwata Admits Wii U Mistakes During E3 Interview

In an interview during E3, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata shed light on one of the reasons his company may have been so much quieter: he admitted Nintendo made some mistakes when introducing the Wii U.

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Donnieboi2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

He's always admitting mistakes. Time to learn from them. (BTW, i'm not dissing him, i'm just stating the facts--he always apologizes and it's annoying, because he never presents a long-term plan of attack to be more agressive for Nintendo).

Also, i'm P!ssed off because Nintendo said there won't be a price drop any time soon. My budget is tight this holiday season.

StinkiWan2005d ago

Is he really admitting mistakes all the time? I hear him talking about Nintendo "staying the course" with its strategy, but I don't hear him say "oops, we screwed the pooch" very often.

Donnieboi2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Man, I'm just mad because I was gonna buy a Wii U for Christmas, after getting ps4 on launch. But believe me I always see articles of him apologizing. I don't have the time or the care to collect the huge amount of articles were he's apologized or admitted he screwed up. Look on google. It's all there. (Google: Iwata, apologize, admit).

Ah! I couldn't resist, here are a handful I found on google:


AND MANY MORE. These might not even be the best examples--It was just a quicky, just a lazy google search I did. Trust me, this guy has apologized ALOT. It's good to admit screw-ups, but u gotta have a long-term plan. And a price drop is a good start.

The Wii U 8GB is being phased-out. So that means that the 32 GB version will be the main version. It costs only $50 less than a PS4. If they think that they will be able to compete at that price, then their crazy. Their not even in competition with ps4 and xbone anymore. They have to worry about a PS3 price drop--because PS3 is gonna have HTA 4, Beyond Two Souls, Pupeteer, The Last of Us, Gran Turismo 5, etc all BEFORE Christmas.

VERY bad. I'm worried now about investing that kind of money

JoySticksFTW2005d ago


@ Donnieboi and his disagrees

Dude, I just tried it! Hilarious!!

He IS always apologizing

Apologizing for

- WiiU Day One update
- WiiU Software drought
- "Not trying hard enough" to make WiiU a success
- Underpowered hardware for WiiU
- to 3DS early adopters for price cut

mrbojingles2005d ago

I don't understand. The company is addressing concerns over not having enough core games (concerns expressed back in 2008-2011) by funding Monolith's X (new IP), Wonderful 101 (new IP), Lego City (sorta new IP) and Bayonetta 2. They're letting third parties use Nintendo items and characters in their games more often in order to help them sell (Scribblenauts, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Lego City) more copies because of featuring Nintendo content.

They have already enacted a long term attack plan to develop and fund more "core" games.

matgrowcott2005d ago

The huge problem for me at this point is that they always had a long term plan, but not much of a short term one. And it's been that way since launch. An odd title to look forward to, a few ports and that's about it.

To me, it seems they wanted to release because the console was basically done and they couldn't compete directly with next-gen consoles. Actually, it could have done with launching this year, with the GUI/update issues sorted and a few more big games.

gedden72005d ago

But at least he's admitting them instead of making PAY EXTRA FOR USED GAMES...

Donnieboi2005d ago

True (I suppose)...but what does one have to do with the other?

TongkatAli2005d ago

You show them links, always trying to make excuses.

TongkatAli2005d ago

Iwata face photoshopped on that BP guy from South Park.


3-4-52005d ago

it's better than acting like they aren't making any....

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Eyesoffiction2005d ago

I like his honesty but it's been said before.

NYC_Gamer2005d ago

This dude is like a record on repeat now days

RiPPn2005d ago

Just like their gaming ideas.

TongkatAli2005d ago

No, but they're high quality and should be made until it hits the 20 mark xD

FantasyStar2005d ago

I hope they step up their efforts for marketing and promoting the Wii U.

StinkiWan2005d ago

It seems like their only "marketing" involves in-store things, though. Their PR efforts stink (I say that having worked at a PR firm for years).

Garbanjo0012005d ago

I just wish Nintendo would get out of the 3d stuff. It's great and all, but nintendo could be so much more, if they made like a Mario64 style game instead of this 3d land shit. I hope that they drastically overhall Nintendo NextGen and give it a makeover that really shoots to kill. Come on Nintendo, do it man! We're all behind you!

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