E3 2013: How to Survive in the zombie apocalypse | GamerTell

From the preview, "I came into E3 feeling very curious about How to Survive by developer EKO Software. It’s being shown off at an interesting time. The latest hit in the zombie apocalypse genre is State of Decay. State of Decay is so well received because it makes us scavenge for supplies and manage a small community of survivors as opposed to constantly gunning down zombies. How to Survive is both similar and drastically different from State of Decay. Although you will also be scavenging in How to Survive, the reasons for scavenging are completely different. How to Survive places an emphasis on crafting. You can combine items you find into things that will ultimately aid in your survival. Want to make a homemade assault rifle that shoots bolts and screws? You can do that."

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