Why you don’t need to buy a PS4 or Xbox One at Launch

onPause writes:

E3 just happened and wrapped up last night. New consoles were shown, priced and detailed. We saw a crap load of new games for the next generation consoles which will be filled with AAA Mega Releases like Battlefield 4, Bungie’s Destiny, Respawn’s Titanfall and of course the annual Call of Duty with Ghosts.

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Speed-Racer1977d ago

Never owned a console so wouldn't matter if I bought it day one or not.

mcroddi1977d ago

well, there is certainly enough on current gen to keep us busy for a long time!

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1977d ago

same reason why ppl need a new iphone or GS4 or to go watch a movie on the first day

lucaskeller11977d ago

I think the only people who will buy consoles day 1 are those who loveee gaming, I have been saving up for a while although it is extremely expensive as a student I'm just super excited

mcroddi1977d ago

Gaming is indeed an expensive hobby - won't NEED it but will GET it... :)

Pintheshadows1977d ago

Of course I need a brand spanking new console. I'm a gamer. That is my passion.

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