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It’s a widely-accepted truism that the final days of any hardware generation generally produces its defining gaming moments - and the Last of Us is no exception.

Forget the additional graphical grunt and computational clout; the PlayStation 4 will have to go some way to produce a better interactive experience than this.

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zeee1977d ago

I can't wait to go and pick it up today from Bestbuy! Damn I still haven't received my pre-order email though :(

Gardenia1977d ago

Played it for 3 hours now and im yet waiting to be impressed. Not at all a bad game but maybe a little overhyped

Neixus1977d ago

beginning is great, but it certainly picks up after 6 hours, one of the best games this gen

seanpitt231977d ago

Awesome beginning got about 4 hours in but go the auto save bug so I have to do it all over again but I don't mind because its awesome but its annoying.

Riderz13371977d ago

Are you sure you're playing "The Last of Us"?

1977d ago
NeXXXuS1977d ago

Just got my Survival Edition today. My god the game is beautiful. I love my art book too. All of the concept art is amazing.

babis19741977d ago

i think it's the best looking game in ps3 and for the guy who said it's overhyped:you are so wrong, you played 3 hours and you weren't impressed!!???