Xbox One UK Price Shoehorned at Last Minute for E3?

"Now this is interesting: New video evidence has emerged, just after Microsoft Games Studio head Phil Spencer announced the price for the Xbox One and just before the reveal of Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall, that indicates that the Xbox One UK price was shoehorned in at the last minute for E3."

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EasilyTheBest1979d ago

Fingers crossed the price for the UK will be lower. If they drop the price too £349 they will get me as another customer.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1979d ago

"Fingers crossed the price for the UK will be lower."


Cueil1979d ago

You understand that both of them are right?

UNGR1979d ago

You do know they're the same thing, right? Worst troll ever.


Part of Speech: noun

Definition: buyer of goods, services

Synonyms: client, clientele, consumer, habitué, patron, prospect, purchaser, regular shopper

Antonyms: owner

That's just flat out stupid.

USEYOURFIST1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Perhaps they are similar language wise or in a sociological framework, however when talking marketing and in the corporate world their is a difference between a customer and a consumer, give it a google to stop yourself looking "flat out stupid"

Mounce1979d ago

@Cueil, @UNGR.

What the image is trying to say, even though idiots like you are trying to either troll or be stupid.

Microsoft-image speaks as if it considers you 'Just another consumer', you're not special, you either buy or don't buy a product.

Sony-image speaks as if you, 'The' consumer, as in, One of a kind, not A Person, but you are THE Consumer who buys PS4. Not just 'Another consumer in line', not 'another person that we need to bullshit and hope he believes us' but rather, Sony is saying, You are THE Consumer for us and for the PS4.

Difference is in Attitude, not in technicalities or a literal sense.

Example: If I called you 'A' MORON unlike You're THE moron. It sorta implies if I say You're 'THE', that you're a special, unique form of Moron, not something that Any other person can become or surpass. Being 'A' moron means, you're a Typical moron and nothing special to the likes of 'The' Moron over there or over here.

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SonyKong641979d ago

You hate gaming?

I wouldn't support greed infested game industry destroying Microsoft if they GAVE me 50$ to pick up their anti consumer monitoring device.

Your careless approach to corporate fascism disgusts me to the core..

HammadTheBeast1979d ago

I'd pick it up if it was free or they gave me money....


EasilyTheBest1979d ago

Well you can disagree all you want...

"If they drop the price too £349 they will get me as another customer."

I will be getting it no matter what.

SonyKong641979d ago

your what the bankers call "a useless eater" and they use your type of selfishly motivated lacking of empathy (most) to justify the current corporate take over of our lives.

your nothing more then a product whore and you could care less about anything in this world that doesn't serve your own self interests.

Disgusting doesn't adequately explain my feelings for slaves like you..

They could sell the thing for 1499.99 and it could molest your kids (won't be far off when Kinect is watching millions of 12 yr olds in their PJ's on summer mornings while the parents are out slaving at work) and I'm sure you'd still buy it.

Loathe you = (

1979d ago
GraveLord1979d ago

Don't believe everything you read. These prices were planned months if not years in advance. They wouldn't announce anything but final prices.

pompombrum1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

If they made the price £350 or better yet, offered a kinect free variant for £350, I'd strongly consider picking one up at some point next year. Still in the mean time, I'm going to keep on laughing at these articles and only hope that whatever faith I have in humanity (thanks to shows like honey boo boo it's at an all time low) will payoff and Microsoft will come into the next E3 with a little more humility.

EasilyTheBest1979d ago

No No No I really want Kinect with it from the off. It will be fragmented with two skews...

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Mikelarry1979d ago

lower price or not.

drm free

allow used games

then we can talk, until then running start into a pit spikes and salt microsoft

Cueil1979d ago

I'd rather they ditched used game and go all digital... if you want to trade do it digitally... remove 24 hour check because you can't play a game until you verify original purchase then if you want to give it away simply selecting the game option to trade... blam... simply... easy and no need for consistent check because you're trying to allow people to trade physical media

GenericNameHere1979d ago

Ditch used games? Are you crazy? I didn't buy Fallout 3 when it came out because I didn't find it interesting. Then, I finally saw it for around $4 at GameStop last year, and bought it. Played it, and I liked it.
There are people who don't buy a console until its price has went down. And by then, a few years have passed, and there are games that are dirt cheap. MGS4 is another example, at $8 used.

Cueil1979d ago

@GenericNameHere I bought Fallout and Fallout New Vegas on STeam for 8 bucks for both... these kind of fire sales only happen on digital platforms... I'm sure Sony's had some nice sales... XBL has them every week...50-80 percent off select digital content. This is the future of gaming and other entertainment... if it bothers you I will say that I don't think Strippers will ever go digital... and if they do it will be sad day for girls trying to "pay for college"

Drekken1979d ago

I guess if my only console option was the XBone, I would have to give up my Redbox rentals for games I don't want to buy. This is unacceptable.

Good to know there are still people supporting MS. They need the money. /s

Thegamer411979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Steam is not the only place to get games for that cheap, maybe where you live but here in the UK we have many places to get old games for as cheep as 50p, Cex stores come to mind.

Cueil1979d ago

@Thegamer41 I bought them shortly after the launch of New Vegas... maybe 5 or 6 months... I bought every SE title for 80 bucks that was on the PC... you can try and hunt down 28 titles for 80 bucks, but you'll waste a ton of time and probably just not be able to do it

Thegamer411979d ago

I understand what you are saying, i use steam myself and these types of sales dont happen often ($8 for 2 new games). I was looking to buy Borderlands 2 a few days ago on steam and its still at £30. My point is, just because its digital it does not mean they will sell it to you for dirt cheap money, you will find that games which don't sell well (or for some other reason) will also be cheap on physical media after a short time

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titletownrelo1979d ago

they aren't going to change those features. They are too proud to change the restrictions after defending them numerous times

PS4 for me

N7Lukas1979d ago

It could be £200 and i still wouldn't buy it, know way im getting dictated to and being told when i can and cant play my games and having check-ups like im a child. So glad Sony is preserving our hobby and not trying to take advantage of it and trying to change it and tell us "its for the better".

doctorstrange1979d ago

I think he says "I thought they'd be happy about the new price", not "uk price".

WeaseL1979d ago

No he says "can someone go out and order me a PS4"

TheEvilWithin1979d ago

Yea I think your right Doctorstrange... They all paused because they could not believe how much it was. Not because of the UK pricing alone... I remember hearing that and was like ummm WOW... I think that was the same response to the people in the crowed.

AlaaAlii1979d ago

No, listen to it again. There are two syllables between "the" and "price", so it can't be "new".

Dlacy13g1979d ago

regardless of what he said.. I kinda fail to see the significance of this "news".

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